The not-so covered one-piece

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It may be chilly outside causing you to spend the weekend dragging out those winter woolies from under the bed - but now is the time to be looking ahead to next year and stocking up on beautiful swimwear whilst its discounted in the end of season sales - especially if you plan to head off for some winter-sun come February.

Never one to miss out on a bargain, I frequently brave baring my pasty legs (even if it is only in the privacy of my chilly spare bedroom) and  buy my swimwear in October.  This year, its been even more important as I'm lucky enough to be going on a belated honeymoon in a little over two weeks time.

I like to swim - and I don't mean the kind of swimming that involves keeping your hair dry!  Because of my love of impersonating a blue whale, I always feel it wise to take a posing/practical swimsuit away with me.

Sophina by Figleaves, Britt Underwired Bandeau Belted Tummy Control Suit

I featured this little number a few weeks ago in me sale edits and now I have it!  

I ordered a 36G having read a review saying that it comes true to size.  Unfortunately, it barely went around me.  I normally vary between a 34GG/H and a 36G/GG - but the back wouldn't go around me, even with the husband attempting to clip me in.  The cups were generous and would have fitted beautifully if only the back would fit. 

I was sorely disappointed but not entirely put off.  The 38G came today and I'm glad to say, It FITS!!!  I may have a done a small leap of joy at this.  I love how this swimsuit makes me feel - my waist feels minuscule and my tummy flat.  The leg cuts a little higher than I normally like but I'm 5ft10 so most swimsuits sit higher.

With straps I'll be able to flip about the pool like a playful seal before discarding them for some serious tanning time (I refuse to have strap marks).  I love the keyhole back and the belt really does accentuate my curves.

Without straps, there isn't much support and the top of the cup gapes slightly.  It has adequate support for propping up the bar or lounging on a deck chair - but I certainly won't brave playing volleyball without the straps!

That said, I feel this swimsuit does everything you need for heading to more tropical climates.  I'll definitely be prancing about a poolside in Mauritius in this number (and flopping about like a seal in the pool).

Priced at £40 in the sale, this suit may not be a bargain - but to me it's worth every penny.

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  1. I've read your blog before, but never commented. I have to say, that bathing suit is stunning on you. :-) I think your reviews are helpful - though as a 5'3" person, I never know how it would fit me. But yeah, just had to tell you how amazing it looks on you (lol, though I'm sure you already know).

    1. Thank you Kirsty - you're comments are really kind! I was really nervous about posting pictures of myself without conventional clothing so your comments have really made me smile and feel good about myself!

      The swimsuit took a lot of stretching to get long enough and even now it sits quite high on my leg when I start prancing about.

      I have a petite and curvy friend staying with me this week so I'll make her try it on for size and let you know how it goes!

  2. Well, your nervousness was misplaced, you truly look great.

    I'm looking forward to knowing how it fits a shorter person. :-) Thanks