A solution lingerie debacle ...

Finding solution lingerie when over a DD cup is pretty much damn impossible!   Strapless bras (that actually support) are few and far between, most good shapewear seems to stop at a size 16, and low back solutions are virtually none existent. 

Given this, its no surprise that I got more than a little bit excited when I saw an Ultimo Fuller Bust Backless Body on Figleaves. 

Granted, the cup size doesn't go above a G (at the time was fairly consistently needing a GG) but I thought I would give it a go.   I was prepared for a lack of support and even a little bit of a double boob and was happy to sacrifice this for a beautiful bare back.  

I was more than a little bit disappointed!

I don't really know where to start .... but I think the facial expressions say it all.  I was not a happy bunny!

The 'nude' colour was a shiny polyamide travesty.  It made me feel like an abnormally shaped sausage   or an oddly stretched, lubricated condom! 

The body was so very short on me that the crotch ended up tucked some place incredibly uncomfortable despite being shielded by my own knickers when trying this on. 

As you can see, the cups are far too small and squash my boobs downwards towards the waist.  

You can also see that the straps, although removable to you can wear them in multiple ways, had a tendency to twist.   They sit uncomfortably wide, dig into my skin, and don't offer any support. 

The back of the body is, true to name, slightly lower than your average bra.  That said, you still could't wear a swooping low back without showing the line of this.  

The body is supposed to contain a 'secret support inner structure to create lift and sculpt the silhouette'.  I'm not sure what they mean by this - the material seemed to show every lump and love and their was no sculpting of this sausage! 

Priced at £45, this body is no bargain and I don't feel it would offer much to the majority of DD+ women.  I could be wrong, so please do let me know if you have tried this and have opinions different to my own. 

For me though, this number went straight back to the store!

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  1. I always struggle with things like this and swim suits with support as well! I guess the search continues! One day we will find the support that we need!! Haha! Thanks you for this post! xx

  2. I had this in black and found it to be really uncomfortable, it cut into lot's of places.
    I've just ordered the deco shape slip, so I'm holding out for it!

  3. I like the satiny polyamide sheen of the lingerie you reviewed and modeled in the photos above but am sorry to read that the Ultimo Fuller Bust Backless Body didn't live up to its billing. I have experienced that feeling of disappointment that comes from having hopes up in anticipation and being disappointed with less than optimal looks and comfort upon receiving the item or trying it on. Surprisingly I wasn't familiar with Fig Leaves and only just now started perusing the lingerie on the Fig Leaves website. I say surprisingly because I'm a lingerie fashion blogger, though partly due to self-consciousnes about having put on a lot of weight I have only done three posts so far this year.
    P.S.: I was delighted to discovered you and your blog via a Twitter search for lingerie bloggers and followed you on Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns.