Panache Envy - Shapewear Review

It will come as no surprise for regular readers to hear that I'm a lingerie junkie - I have a whole wardrobe dedicated to the stuff!  

One of my favourite brands is Panache - season after season they offer some of the most beautiful pieces for ladies with larger busts and this season is no different.  There isn't a single set that I wouldn't buy (if I were to win the lottery). 

The Panache Envy is perhaps their most versatile piece at the moment - and I'm in need of new shapewear so a purchase was kind of necessary!

The Envy is made with both floral lace detailing and awesome geometric pattern on the side panel of the pants that really gives the effect of contours across the body. 

The range comes in four different colours - I really loved the mint but my wardrobe is brimming with pastel lingerie and the boning on my favourite black bra recently burst through the material so black was the obvious choice. 

The bra can be purchased in sizes ranging from 30D - 38K and the high waist shaping brief in size 8-20. 

I bought the balconette bra in 36G and it fits me very well.  The seams of the fabric gives a great rounded shape to my boobs and lifts them nice and high.    I love the floral lace detailing at the d├ęcolletage and the wide band strap that encases and smooths my side fat! 

There isn't much in the way of cleavage boost to the bra, so it wouldn't be suitable for wearing with low v-necks, but it creates a lovely smooth silhouette beneath my favourite round-neck jersey dress.  It also looks fantastic beneath a t-shirt - which is unusual for a lace detailed bra. 

The bra is closed with 3-hooks at the back and isn't so wide in the back straps to prevent swoop-back tops.  

The pants aren't all that!  

They claim to be shaping briefs but they don't have enough compression of my liking - there certainly wasn't any difference in my waist measurement when wearing them.  They do, however, give a great smoothing effect so look fantastic worn beneath slinky dresses and capri pants.  

The pants also come up a little shorter than I would normally like - I tend to prefer my shaping pant to encase my ribs and tuck nicely into the band of my bra.  These do not do that on my frame but that may be due to my height more than the design. 

The pants I'm wearing are size 18 and come fairly true to size.  Maybe a 16 would create more compression but then I fear the seams would dig in around my bum and hips.

The fact that the pants (and bra) are super cute makes up for the slight in-adequacies of fit and I have to say, I love wearing this entire set! 

The set is priced at £20 for the briefs and £32 for the bra. 

The only question that remains is, do I get this set in the mint as well?

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  1. That's really pretty Charli. The mint sounds lush! xx

    1. It really does, doesn't it? Maybe if spring ever gets here then I'll indulge!

      C xx

  2. Thanks for the great feedback Charli, we would definitely recommend the mint! x

    1. It's a massive toss up between the Envy in Mint and the Fontaine ... too many pretty pieces to chose from!

      C xx

  3. Side panel geometric pattern of the pants awesome. Looking nice.

  4. I am not familiar with Panache brand shapewears but It seems to pretty good. I will sure to try it. :)