The Hunt for a strapless wonder

I recently lost weight, purely through exercising like a loon after the doctor gave me the all clear to do so.   The best bit about dropping a bit of weight is the wealth of new lingerie that goes with it - my boobs actually got bigger, going from a standard G to a GG-H, and my back got smaller (a 36 from 38).

I had great fun filling my lingerie and shoe wardrobe (oh yes, I have this little slice of heaven located at the foot of my bed) with fantastically lacy, sheer, and frilly pieces.  I was safely in my element.

However, with the buying of extravagant bras and barely-there panties also comes the practical.  And you can't get more practical than a solution bra.  They're normally ugly, not the most flattering, and certainly worthy of resentment after you hand over £40 on something that you will not be revealing to anyone (unless you feature it on your blog in which case you'll plaster pictures across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).

Today, on a fantastically wonderful day of girly shopping that included a plethora of selfies, prancing about in shoes with no intention of buying, and twirling in ball gowns (a post yet to come), I finally bit the bullet and headed to ye olde faithful; Bravissimo.

My helpful shop assistant bought me 3 bras in a multitude of sizes.

First up was the Freya Deco.  The bra felt fairly lovely against my skin and the 36 back fitted me perfectly.  Unfortunately, the cup didn't fit my boobs nicely.  The G was too small and the GG too big and didn't create a shape that I'd be happy with - there certainly wasn't any kind of uplift.

Next to come was the Evie Bra by Panache.  The cup size in a GG was fantastic and it gave me a great shape. The back, however, was gianormous.  You could fit 2 of me in the 36 and the 34 wasn't much better (even on the tightest rung).  The 32 was getting there but still not supportive enough for me to bounce about in.    Unfortunately, they didn't have a 30 in stock but I feel that would have been a been a better fit.  The picture below is off me wearing the 34GG and you can see that the bra is slipping downward and not offering much in the way of support as the back isn't fitted enough. 

Finally, I was tried Bravissimo's own bra the Contour Strapless Bra with detachable straps.  I was amazed.  The 36GG fitted like a glove - and it was supportive enough for me to jump up and down in without any slippage! I also love the shape it gave me with a subtle vintage shape that will look wonderful with 50's style dresses. 

The bra was only £30 and I think its worth every penny.  It has an added support inside the cup to provide that extra bit of support and the grip inside doesn't stick or irritate like it does on many bras. 

And, to satisfy my need for pure indulgence - I bought this amazing slip and panty set from Wacoal at  John Lewis - and it was sheer heaven!

C x x 


  1. that Bravissimo looks great !!!

    Slumber Talk

    1. Thanks Dee! It really is great - I wore it round the house all day and no slippage or uncomfortable digging, I'm very happy!

  2. The Wacoal set is lovely, Charli. I hate trying on bras. It is good that you found one that fits you so well. I can certainly surmise from the picture how happy you were with the fit of the Bravissimo bra.


    1. Hi Sharon, the Wacoal set is one of the most beautiful pieces I own. I have a lingerie shoot next month and will be sure to post pictures of me wearing it after. It is so flattering for the fuller figured girl!
      C x