The Babydoll Game - The Curvy Kate

At the weekend I spoke about my quest to find a Babydoll - something flirty, fun, playful, and coquettish.  

Saturday saw me spinning about the room in the Elomi Maria  - today, it's the turn of the Curvy Kate Ritzy

I bought this in a 36GG but a the cups were a little large, a 38G may have been  better option.  

The length was great on my 5ft10 frame, just skimming my bum and those nasty bits at the top of my legs that I'm not too keen on! I imagine it will sit a lot longer on shorter girls which may or may not be a good thing depending on how much you're in love with your legs! 

I love the sheer sides of the babydoll and the shape it gives my boobs is, quite frankly amazing.  Unusually for a babydoll, there is an incredible amount of support in this piece - enough for me to perform a quick jive with the dog whilst taking photos. 

The colour is rich and the lace trim gives it a little nod to the vintage.  However, the strips put me off slightly - especially those that run vertically in the front tab.  It makes me feel almost like I'm playing dress up - which is fine, when it's intentional, but it isn't really something I was looking for from a flirtatious little babydoll.  

Prices at £40, I feel the babydoll is worth every penny - unfortunately, it is not playful enough for my brief so I'll keep looking.  I'm still keeping it though ... after all, it will make a killer french maid outfit at some point! 

I love them ... I recommend every girl own pair - just don't teach the dog to dance when wearing them, they ladder! 

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  1. Looking gorgeous honey. I love the tights that you're wearing too, wish I could wear them but I hate the way that they feel on my feet lol

    Laura xxx

  2. That looks really good. I love the length of it. xx

  3. That looks stunning on you lovely x