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As a girl with big boobs and a small waist, I frequently have problems finding dresses that fit beautifully on the waist and across my chest.   Most dresses get cinched in at the waist with a belt come in stretchy materials that allow for substantial give over the chest. 

Luckily for me, there is a wonderful new designer on the scenes who makes dresses that more accurately reflect a curvy girl's figure. 

Bitter Lollipop launched in autumn last year offering a small collection of versatile dresses for all occasions.  

The collection comes in size 8-16 and in two bust sizes, Busty and Buxom.  I'm wearing the 16 Buxom which fits relatively well.  The dress is fairly roomy with the 16 being a tad large on the waist so I would recommend sizing down in this style.   

The buxom fit does mean that the waist band actually sits on my waist, which is a rarity as they normally sit painfully on my bra band.  There is plenty of room across the chest and the dress doesn't dig in around my arms.  The neckline is perhaps a tiny bit large on me as it gapes slightly, but I have bottom heavy boobs!

Kelly, founder of Bitter Lollipop, began the company after struggling to find clothes that fit and flatter her curvy figure.  Kelly speaks about how 'The fashion industry seems to ignore women with a bra size larger tha C, and I think it's time for that to change.  I was tired of the frustration that comes with trying on a cute dress and finding that I couldn't zip it up past my bust or that I look like I could pop out at any moment!  And there is nothing more disheartening than knowing you'll never be able to wear the clothes you adore.' 

How many of you can relate to that?  I know I can! 

The skirt sits just above my knee which is the perfect length on me.  I love the way the material hangs naturally holding the flared shape and flowing softly as you move.  If you wanted to add more drama, I think the skirt would work well with a petticoat and I may try that look out for a wedding later in the year. 

The vivid print is really quite something.  I've styled the dress here as if I were attending a wedding - nude shoes and piled high hair.   

I've also since worn the dress with a black cardigan and black tights - it looked fantastic and muted the colours enough for those days when you want to be a little more subtle. 

I do want to take a quick minute out of dress talking to appreciate my hair here.  I'm not naturally skilled with hair so I'm a wee bit proud of this updo and will, no doubt, be attempting to recreate it more often!

The Freya Floral retails at £89 (but is currently on sale for £71.20).  This may feel a little steep but given that all the dresses are individually made to order in the UK, I think the price is perfectly reasonable.  

The price is comparable to the dress supplied by Bravissimo that also has a range where you can buy both dress and boob size but the quality is not.   Bravissimo dresses have problems - the liner slip, the zips stick, and the material tends to pull in bizarre places.  

I've experienced none of these problems with the Bitter Lollipop dress which feels amazing quality.  I have only one slight gripe and that is that I would prefer the dress to be lined.  That said, I'll be heading to the Bitter Lollipop website the next time I need something a little more swanky than the 

Bitter Lollipop has several other items in the range and, if I spied right on Facebook today, are currently working on a new collection for later in the year. 

These are just some of my favourite dresses on offer at the moment:

Kate Printed Shift Dress

Chloe Shimmer Midi Dress

Tiffany Textured Fit & Flare Dress 

What do you think of Bitter Lollipop?  Would you invest in one of these beauties?

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  1. Finally hopped over to read. I love the dress. It looks good on you and definitely flatters your curves. I like that the cut out in the arm is close-fitted and doesn't gape the way some of these sleeveless dresses tend to do. You can definitely wear this with confidence, and you do already! (ps: I left a note on your Google+ page about a certain nomination!)

    1. Thank Donna - it really is something:) Can't wait to try it with a petticoat for added voom!

  2. Aw you look gorgeous, I really like the print on this dress. Would be a great one to wear on holiday xxx

    1. Thank Laura - any dress would look great on a beach but this would look amazing!

      C xx

  3. Aw you look gorgeous, I really like the print on this dress. Would be a great one to wear on holiday xxx

  4. Boob fitting dresses- just take my money! I have NEVER had a dress that fit my waist and chest so personally feel it would justify the price.
    You look beautiful- great work in your hair.

    1. Thanks Jodie ... let me now if you try one from Bitter Lollipop, would love to see any pics!

      C xx

  5. I adore this dress and they really have hit the nail on the head with focusing on boob sizes too!
    Victoria xx