The Monsoon Party

I loved Monsoon as a teenager - it was a brand to aspire to.  Then I started earning money, could afford the clothes and promptly dismissed them as not very me!

Then, last weekend, I walked into the Monsoon store in Reading.  It was small with not the greatest selection but I walked out having fallen in love with 2 of their cocktail dresses and having a mild infatuation with a further 4.

The Lexi Lace Dress is to die for - I mean it.  With a dark, inky blue slip overlaid with luxurious lace and subtle beading, this dress makes me want to strut (and I don't strut for just any dress) into a smokey jazz bar and sip martinis for an evening of the moodiest blues imaginable.  Yes - this dress makes me want to become a bright young thing - hell, I have the hair (almost).

The allusion neckline and lacy sleeves are to die for and the cinched waist did 1001 things for my figure (including making me squeal with joy before prancing around the changing rooms for all to see).  

The other lust worthy dress (and I kid you not - I had dreams about this flirty number) is the Lorenna Lace Dress with heavy brocade that casts me in mind of the ceiling at the Ritz ballroom.  It is flirty, fun decadent, romantic, sheer, and prim all rolled into one. 

The Lorenna is one of the most versatile dresses in the store.  The size 16 fitted both me, a 5ft10 Amazonian, and my petite and curvy friend, Julia, perfectly!  I allowed her to buy the dress (purely cause I'm broke) but I plan on borrowing it at the first opportunity!

Another wonder that is amazing for a petite and curvy girl (unfortunately, it wasn't long enough in the body for my frame) is the Odabella Jacquard Dress that just screams Jackie O.  It cinched Julia's waist perfectly and made her dainty 5ft4 frame tall and elegant.  What's not to love about a dress like this?

Finally, I love the luxurious feel of the Vivienne Velvet Dress with the most adorable cut-out panel to the back.   Unfortunately, it didn't fit my frame very well.  I swim so have shoulders like a rugby player (or a line-backer for the American's that read this blog).  It was a little tight across my back and then not tight enough around my waist.  However, if you're pear-shaped, this dress is a must!

I was very impressed with Monsoon's collection and I can't wait to check out a larger store that stocks even more of these beauties ... and if anyone wants to buy me a cocktail dress for Christmas, the Lexi (first pictured) would be gratefully received. 

C x x 


  1. Oh my, I love that first dress and I don't do dresses!! Sadly I am an 18 - 20 and not sure if they stock my size but I love it :)

    1. Hi Wendy, the dress I'm wearing is a size 18 and Monsoon stock up to size 22 in this dress. It truly a great dress as will never go out of style and will always turn heads. If you have a Christmas party of fancy occasion coming up, then definitely go check the dress out!