Floral Fancies ... A Spring Wishlist ...

I don't know about you, but I'm more than a little bit bored of winter.  The damp atmosphere ruins my hair and dries out my skin.  I sleep more, eat more, and get less active a 3 hour walks with the dog become disrupted by mud, puddles, and a lack of light! 

I also find my fashion becomes boring: I wear black nearly all the time! Now there is nothing wrong with black - I like black but my legs get paler and pastier as they're hidden behind opaque tights and my eyeliner gets heavier by the day as I mood becomes increasingly glum.  I end up looking like Morticia Adams ... which isn't the greatest look this far from 30th November! 

So, I'm done with winter, and looking forward to spring! 

Those who know me know that I always put together a wish list for the season - it's aim is to stop me from spending too much money and focusing my efforts on a select few pieces that I've been lusting after for some time.  It rarely works, as I'm a compulsive buyer - but at least I try!    
So here it is, my spring wish list to see me through the cool spring days of blazers, trench coats, full skirts and cardigans before transitioning to bare legs, sandals, and flowers in my hair! 
This year I'm having a floral moment - I'm obsessed with vintage feel of all things petal-themed ... so here's my top five floral fancies for the spring:

1. The Workwear Blouse

Nothing screams spring better than a floaty blouse. This one from ASOS Curve is £32 and comes in sizes 18-28.  

Who doesn't like poppies?  They're bright, vibrant and playful, just like this £35 tea dress from SimplyBe.  The dress comes in both tall and regular lengths and in sizes 12-32.  I love the keyhole back and subtle sweetheart neckline.   I feel this dress just calls for picnics in the park with strawberries and cheesecake! 

I probably can't afford these ... okay, I definitely can't afford these as they cost £195 ... but I can lust, right? 

Spring to me means bright colours and what better way to inject colours into your wardrobe than vivid heels?  Even if I can't buy these beauties, you can still expect to see me trotting about in mint, peach, pink, and red heels in the next month or so! 

Lepel is known for it's vibrant and playful underwear.  This season's collection is no different and I love the patterns on this - not to mention those lace panels.  

The set comes in at £38 and the bra goes up to 38G. 

I love a maxi dress come spring/summer.  I'll be wearing this beauty with a wooly jumper during cooler days!

The dress is £55 at ASOS. 

So, what's on your wish list for spring?

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  1. I so agree with you! I can't wait for winter to be over, to see happiness in people eye's when they realized they don't have to wear big heavy coats anymore! These florals look amazing, sure nice patterns to lift people's spirit up!


  2. Such cute pieces! <3


  3. Those LK Bennett shoes are beautiful but a bit overpriced I think! xxxx

  4. I can't wait for the warmer weather.. I hate wearing tights and leggings doesn't go to everything, so I can't wait to go bare legged again. To be honest this winter I've worn less boots than ever as I love having naked feet. So when everyone else is wearing warm socks and boots I'm trotting around the office with bare feet. When it comes to colours I always make sure to wear colours in the winter as they cheer me up! :)