A Plus Size Christmas Jumper

So I think we can safely say that it's Christmas - I've been drinking mulled cider for a week or two, the garden centres are bedecked with tinsel, and every shop I went in on a shopping spree yesterday was blasting the corniest Christmas songs there are.
Yes - Christmas is here ... and so are Christmas jumpers!

Now, I do have several Christmas jumpers - so do check back over the next few weeks to see a few more - but the one I want to talk about today is this beautifully festive Candy Cane Sweater from Next.
This is a perfect Christmas jumper for wearing outdoors - it is made from a quite thickly woven that is great for layering and providing added insulation for these cold months.  
The jumper is cut nice and slim so isn't too bulky (I have a massive thing against bulky sweaters unless, of course, they're an oversized hoody left over from my uni days).  The scoop neckline is elongating, especially at the patterns mirror the neckline and continue the scooping line down the torso.
The jumper is also cut slightly longer at the back - something that I love through the winter months as it stops your bum from getting too cold.  It also stops that dreaded builders bum that so often happens when wearing skinny jeans and a slim fit sweater!
I'm wearing the jumper here with my berry coloured coated leggings also from Next, and long-line layered camisole from New Look Inspires range.  I like playing with lengths and layers through winter as it gives you plenty of warmth without getting too bulky and padded out - I do, however, frequently get it wrong and look like an incredibly cosy Michelin man (is that a bad look?  It's certainly comfy).
The jumper is priced at £22 which is the upper end of reasonable in my eyes! I wouldn't pay much more for a Christmas jumper (despite being sorely tempted by some Joules ones) because you can only really were them for 1 month in a year. 
Unfortunately, most cheaper jumpers are somewhat comically orientated - and I'm not really great at the comedy thing, I have too much of a resting bitch face thing going on!
The only down side of this jumper is that the wool is a little irritating against my skin.  I'm hypersensitive to wool and tend to wear cashmere wherever possible.  This isn't too irritating, but I do need to wear something beneath the sweater to stop a load of rashes flaring up across my chest!
Naturally, Fergus got quite excited by my dancing about in my Christmas jumper and decided to join in!
I'm wearing a size 16 in this sweater - it is quite stretchy and generous so, if you are between sizes, I would say you can easily size down! 


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 Do you have a Christmas jumper for this season?  Send me pictures cause I love some Christmas inspirations!
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  1. I love the jumper and the candids with Fergus. I look forward to seeing the rest of your jumpers. xx
    Just Me Leah

    1. Thank you Leah - many more to come :) I may need to put them all into one post though!

      C xx

  2. Aw, Fergus is such a sweetie trying to get in on the photos! I love a good christmas jumper, this one is lovely and the price is great. You look great. x