An Active Live ... the Freya Underwired Sports Crop Top

Having worn the same, rather stinky, shock absorber sports bra for the past 2 years, I thought it was time to invest in a sparkly new sports bra.  

Very conveniently had last season's Freya Active Underwired Sports Crop Top on sale.  It is now sold out at Very but is still available on Amazon for £36-40. 

I ordered the brightest pink on offer.  I don't know why but when it comes to gym gear I have a motto of the brighter the better.  There is also something about pink that makes me feel so much more feminine when sweat is dripping off me as I haul weights above my head.  I was by no means disappointed - the pink is even brighter than these pictures give it credit for and I love the fluorescent go-faster-stripes!

I was nervous of a sports bra with under wiring - I had visions of metal spokes jutting through the material and impaling my arm pits half way through  a spin class.  Luckily, my fears were unfounded - I can scarcely feel the wiring and the bra compresses without squashing or unduly man-handling my boobs into uncomfortable positions. 

From the front, I like the shape - my boobs are high and rounded. Yet from the side they go a bit point boob.  Now I'm not saying that I'm so vain as to send this bra back because I couldn't possibly channel my inner Madonna at the gym, but I do prefer my boobs to be a little more inconspicuous when bouncing about on the bike. 

The back band is very wide on this bra with four hooks that make it a little tricky to get on and off.  It comes with a racer back option which acts as reinforcement for the supportive underwire and deep band.  

I ordered the 36G and it fits very well - it was, perhaps, a little snug under my armpit when first trying on (when these pictures were taken) but this has given with a wear or two. 

In terms of support, I can find any faults.  However, in terms of comfort, it's not the best for high impact sports.  I found it a little uncomfortable for jogging in and have reverted quickly to my shock absorber for sports that cause heavy jolting.  That said, I've been wearing this bra for yoga, pilates, cycling and weight lifting and haven't experienced any discomfort - so maybe I just run weird! 

I would recommend this bra as I've been pleasantly surprised, I may even invest in this season's version which can in a really cute black and charcoal combo on Very for £40 at the moment. 

Do you have a favourite sports bra?  If so, tell me all about it in the comments below! 

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  1. This looks like a great fit on you! Good for you for showing your readers the fit of this sports bra - it will be so helpful to them if they are thinking of buying one. Hope it's ok to give you a tip though: when you've put the bra on, lean forward and scoop any extra breast tissue that's under your arms/towards your back into the cups. Do this each and every time you put a bra on, and you may have to do it once or twice during the day as well. By doing this you will be putting any migrated breast tissue back to where it belongs, and you might find you even go up one or more cup sizes! Great review though, and such a fab colour! x

    1. Ooooh amazing advice - thank you so much! I tried this today and noticed a significant reduction in back fat when checking myself out in the ladies!

      C xx