Time for a Tea Dress

I've always been rather dismissive of Dorothy Perkins.  Their sizing has, in the past, been a little offish and their designs quite boring. 

Yet when I received a code for 30% off with free delivery I thought 'what the hell?' and set about trawling their site for something worth spending my money on.  

I was not disappointed! 

This seasons range is brimming with pretty fit and flare tea dresses in some amazing patterns so I was really spoilt for choice.  

I've always loved a tea dress - they have a relaxed elegance to them and are one of the most versatile dresses on the market:  Pair a tea dress with chunky boots and cardigan and it's great for a shopping spree with the girls; add a blazer and Mary Jane's and its perfect for the office; throw on some red lips and sky-high courts and your perfectly kitted out for cocktail hour.  You really can't go wrong with a tea dress - which is why I chose this amazing number:

I'm wearing an 18 in the tall version and it fits beautifully.  I could have gone smaller at the waist but I feel it would then have been tight across my shoulders and chest area. 

The length of the tall is perfect on my, sitting a modest couple of inches above my knee. 

I love the muted greys printed on top of the soft pink.  To me it screams of vintage tea parties and I quite feel like tucking into a pile of cucumber sandwiches when wearing it. 

It has a nice swing to the skirt when you walk and the cotton-elastine blend holds the soft folds that you can see in the pictures. 

I'm wearing the dress here with my faithful Phase Eight courts, bought many a moon ago.  Unfortunately, the lawn was more than a little soft and I spent most of my time trying not to sink ungracefully into it. 

The dress is priced at just £18 and, at such a teeny tiny price, I really cannot fault it. 

Have you check out Dotty P's any time lately?  Let me know any favourites you've found there! 

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  1. How nice it is to see you with your clothes on. ;) Just kidding! It's a lovely dress and quite retro! Looking grand. xx
    Just Me Leah

  2. Love Dps I could just buy everything in there. They have some great floral prints at the mo. Love the tea dress. It looks great on you.


    1. The really do have some great floral prints at the moment ... I'm trying desperately to stay away from their website before I spend all my money!

      C xx

  3. Such a pretty dress, I have a couple of dresses from DP that I love x

    1. They have so many that I want to get my grubby paws all over, right now!

  4. This dress looks so pretty! Great outfit :) xxx