Panache Fontaine Review

I am completely gaga over Panache's collection this season. 

I think it's safe to say that there is not one item in their collection that I would not buy, should I have the available funds to do so (insert grumble over my lack of finances). 

It's so hard to choose which of their beautiful items to go for, I've already reviewed their Envy shapewear so thought, for my next purchase, I'd go a little more colourful! 

I ordered the bra in 36G and it fits quite beautifully.  The briefs are in size 18 and came up a little snug - I would probably advising sizing up in these if, like me, you are larger in the hip area! 

The plunge bra gives a great rounded shape to my boobs with the seems hidden beneath the mesh coral material offering great support.   

The bra doesn't offer much in the way of uplift but instead creates a slight gap between my boobs, spacing them slightly wider than most plunge bras.   I really like this effect beneath camisoles and I feel it's a much more sophisticated option for low-cut tops than the excessive cleavage given by many other plunges. 

The back band and straps are fairly slim for a DD+ cup bra.  This means it works really beneath lower back and strappy tops.  

The downside to this is that the straps don't encapsulate and smooth all of my back fat.  It leaves back wings at the side and gives the visual impression of it cutting in - I'd like to add that it really doesn't feel as though it cuts in anyway!   It sits smoothly on my back and doesn't move around too much or cause any discomfort - I simply have back wings! 

I'm not sure if you can really appreciate the detail in this bra from the pictures I've taken - neither my husband nor I are blessed with a camera - but the bright coral material is overlain with a subtly spotted mesh that is really quite cute. 

The mesh material makes up the majority of the pants with the lining being removed around the bum for that sheer look - I have to say, I love sheer pants ... they always make me feel so very cheeky! 

Priced at £32 for the bra and £15 for the briefs, this set isn't the cheapest on the market - there are definitely more affordable options out there (I have heard good thinks about Peacock's new range of DD+ bras).  

That said, Panache are known for their quality.  I have had bras that, with the correct treatment, have lasted for several years before showing visible sign of wear.  They don't stretch unduly in the wash and discolouration around the armpits is rare - especially vibrant colours such as this.   

Given this, I would say that £47 for such a durable and beautiful set is more than perfectly acceptable!

What do you think of this bra?  Would you buy such a vibrant piece for spring?

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  1. Hey =) I love the bra, i really like bras that have a proper gathering between the breasts since it separates them a bit.

  2. Love the colour of this set. I love Panache, esp the sculptresse range.

    toni x

  3. Hey Charli. I have used one of your pictures in my weekly favourites post. I hope it's okay with you but if it isn't just let me know and I will remove it. here it is:

  4. Gorgeous! I just love that colour.

  5. Ooh, cheeky indeed! :) You look great. I have a pair of sheer backed knickers and they always make me feel saucy. xx

  6. You look so sexy ;) Love that set.. And what a stunner you are. :) Swoon!! <3