Pour Moi? St Tropez T-Shirt Bra

Occasionally, I get a little practical - it's rare, but it does happen. 

Last month my much loved Freya Deco gave up the ghost and left me without a good nude t-shirt bra which really is the one staple piece of my wardrobe.  

So off I trotted to Freya and promptly got distracted by the wealth of bright summer colours they have on offer - needless to say, I didn't buy a nude bra!

So back to the drawing board and Very rescued me (searching nude and t-shirt really helps when it comes to distractions from pretties items).  Two days later and I was jigging about the spare room in my new Pour Moi? St Tropez T-Shirt bra

The Pour Moi? St Tropez T-shirt bra really does do everything is says on the tin: it's supportive, comfortable, gives a nice rounded shape, and even has a few fancy little details thrown in for good measure. 

The bra comes in sizes 30D to 38G and comes in Oyster (pictured) and Black.   It's priced at £22 which is reasonable for a well fitting t-shirt bra. 

I'm wearing a 36G and it fits a little like a glove.  The back band is wide and offers great supportive - it looks tight across my back wings in the photo but it gave (like most bras) after being worn for a few weeks.   The bra has 3 hook and eye closures and fully adjustable straps. 

I also really like that the band comes up nice and high beneath arm - it encases the excess fat there and creates a smoother silhouette than I'm use to.  

I've also been practicing a technique suggested by the lovely Caroline of CurvyWordy who advised me to lean forward after putting my bra on and pushing any misplaced breast tissue from my back and sides back into the cups.  This has really made a difference to how my bras fit so please do try it yourselves. 

The cups really do give a lovely smoothing silhouette and nice rounded shape.  The bra doesn't offer the most uplift but it's not really made for excessive cleavage! 

There is a very cute little flower detail to the front and subtle lace embroidery around the band that makes it that little bit prettier than your normal t-shirt bra. 

Overall, I would recommend this bra to anyone after a good daily basic to wear beneath t-shirts and tighter fitting tops. 

Have you got a favourite t-shirt bra?

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  1. This bra is the perfect t-shirt bra. It makes your boobies look amazing. :) I will definitely try the tip about leaning forward :) xx

  2. As weird as it sounds I never owned a nude bra. I tend to gravitate towards white bras, they're so clean and shiny when they're new, love it.

    1. Oooh, I love a beautiuflly pristine white bra .... the problem is, they don't stay that way for long!

      C x