Who loves short shorts?

I'm slightly obsessed with shorts - I love the idea of city-chic shorts and a sharp blazer for the summer months.  

Unfortunately, shorts don't always love me!  I'm taller that average which means most shorts are more like pants on me - that and I have pasty pasty white legs.  Now I don't mind flashing the pasty whites, I discarded tights in favour of bare flesh about a fortnight ago, but when shorts seems to be getting smaller and smaller, the idea of wearing them for a work is a little daunting!  

I have, however, stumbled across a descent pair of denim shorts - which is kind of a must in any girls wardrobe come spring! 

These faded denim 'hot pants' are from New Look's tall range, and I'm wearing the size 18.  They are a little roomy and sit just above my hipbones rather than the high waist claimed on the label. 

The shorts come in sizes 8 - 20 and cost £19.99.

The back of the short is cut ever so fractionally longer than the front, which is great for accommodation my sizeable ass and present any material riding up my behind when walking. 

The front does, however, rise up slightly if I walk too far but I've not yet found a pair of shorts that doesn't.

The casual fit is very comfy and I loved frolicking about the garden with the dogs when trying these out.  I'm also pleased that, despite several wears, the waist band hasn't given to much and I've not yet needed to pair these with a heft belt to hold them up - this is a massive problem that I tend to experience with most denim items. 

As usual, Fergus wanted to join in with the photo takings ... he's a real poser like his mum! 

I love the bright orange mixed with the gold straps.  They're cute and playful but not really built for walking so they will be mostly used for sitting in a beer garden or at picnics that don't involve a hike on either side!

I'm also wearing my old grey blazer with peplum from ASOS and a swing cami from New Look.   Both are past season and get bought out time after time - really great investment pieces. 

I have to say, I really like these shorts and hope to get a lot of wear out of them this summer.   There had better be sun enough to warrant their purchase. 

Now, who can tell me where I can get some work appropriate city shorts?

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  1. I love these shorts on you-may try a pair myself x

  2. These shorts are fab, they look amazing on you!

  3. You look smashing. :) Love the shorts. I love short shorts and I can't wait to go to Mexico on Monday to wear my short shorts. They are something I didn't use for ages and now I put them on as soon as I can! :) xx