I'm not a beauty blogger ... I stick to a few, faithful, tried and tested products that I love and have loved for a very long time.  

But the beautiful and wonderful Leah Shafik of Leah XL recently challenged bloggers to answer a few questions with the idea that beauty is one of the most inclusive areas there is, after all, you don't need to be a certain size of shape to fit a lipstick, I could help but dive straight in.

The idea is to film myself answering the questions, but I'm not tech savvy and don't have the means to do this (I'm terrible, I know) ... so instead my answers are below so enjoy and don't forget to head over to Leah XL to find other peoples responses!

My Name is Charli Stewart Russon.

My blog is CurvyGirlThin.

I feature amazing fashion and lingerie for the curvier lady.

Beauty Knows No Size is an amazing way for people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and locations to come together and share their similarities whilst celebrating their different loves, likes and hates.

My favourite beauty brand from the last year has to be Clarins!  I discovered it last March and have had amazing skin ever since.

I couldn't live without Vaseline Rosy Lips - it keeps my lips fresh and chap-free.  It also gives them a subtle rosy glow that makes me feel very vintage and can also be brushed on my cheeks to give an added glow.  I keep it in my handbag at all times and is the only beauty product I take out with me!

The last product I bought is Clarin's One-Step Facial Cleanser.  I love the orangey smell and it's effortless to use when you live quite a busy life.

I keep my products in a bookcase by my bed.  It keeps me happy to see my products mixed with my current reading list and perfumes!

My top beauty tip is to make your beauty regime fit with your life - not the other way round!  Too many times I've convinced myself that I'll take half an hour at the end of the day to tone, cleanse, moisturise and pamper myself.  All that has ended in is skipping my regime and getting bad, clogged up skin.  When finally I admitted that I'm simply not that motivated, I was able to find a regime that fitted my life and my skin is much better for it!

I've had many embarrassing make-up moments but I can't name the worst.  They're the type of things most girls have experienced, fake eyelashes getting stuck places they shouldn't, mascara running down my cheeks after a heavy dancing session in a club, lipstick smeared all over my nice white jumper ... you know the type of thing!

I was always fascinated with make-up, I remember stealing my mum's mascara when I was about 10 and trying to figure out how to apply it.  I don't think she actually knows I did that though!

GelTox Starter Kit from Ciate ... it looks great but I'm not sure of the price tag that comes with it!  And I like to change my nail varnish to match what I'm wearing on a regular basis!

My face is oval! How boring ...

I swim every lunch time which makes it tight with getting back to work on time.  Because of this, I rarely wear make up.  Unless I'm on a night out, I tend to stick to a BB cream and some mascara. 

I love doing bold lips ... the bigger the better.  I'm having a real infatuation with red and plum lipsticks at the moment!

Rita Ora is my current make-up icon!  Just look at those lips ... 

I would go back to the 50's if I could choose any make-up era to go back to.  Although, 4 years ago I would have said the 60's ... I wanted to be Nico!

Benefit disappoints me ... I just don't get it!

I store my make up in a tatty old bag from Primark that really does need replacing ... I'm slightly embarrassed about showing you this.

I don't think I've checked the expiry date on make up ... but I will be from now on!

I love to buy make-up from Selfridges in London, I love the atmosphere of the place.  I can then head upstairs to the shoe hall which is my perfect afternoon out!

My favourite item of all time that I purchase again and again and again is Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent.  I have a problem with getting dark eyes and this lightens and rejuvenates me every time!
Thanks for reading and don't forget to head over to Leah XL to read the full list of questions and responses! 

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  1. I love this - it's exactly how I envisaged!! I agree Rita Ora as a Beauty Icon is a good pick :) x

    1. I'm so glad you like it! It's a really great idea and really made me stop and is not only collaborative and all inclusive, but also really made me think about my own habits and regimes. And I just ordered a new make-up bag so I don't have to be shamed by mine any more!

      C xx