This Girl Really Can ... A sportswear review ...

It's a new year, which means many of your are hitting the gym, many for the first time in months.   Now I don't always buy into the new year, new you mantra but I do feel slightly put to shame by all the gyring newbies in the sparkly workout gear. 

Despite being a glorified fitness freak (I get cranky if I don't hit the gym during my lunch hour), I have very little in the way of fitness clothes.  My go-to leggings are almost threadbare with the seams having been stitched multiple times and my old North Face trainers are torn to shreds. 

Earlier this week, surrounded by girls in some of the sexiest workout gear I've seen, I decided to up my game ... only I upped it on a budget and hit Sports Direct!  After all, who really wants to spend a fortune in clothes to get sweaty?

Top on my list were a pair of decent trainers, with a running arch and anti-sweat.  These bold beauties by Karrimor are perfect for me.  They come a little small in the sizing so the 6 was a little tight on me but having pranced around the house in them last night, they now fit like gloves! 

I love the hi-vis strips and the bright purple - the brightness will look wonderful as they flash about the spin bikes next week! 

These don't appear to be sold online but there are plenty of similar trainers in store that look great and are cheap to boot!  These cost a mere £13.99 opposed to the £60 they are being sold in alternative colours at the Karrimor store. 

I love a capri pant ... mostly because full length rarely come up long enough on me, which just looks weird.  These LA Gear pants are soft, comfy, and fit me perfectly in a size 16.  I like that they're not skin tight around my knees so won't move off my hips too much when attempting scissors. 
These cost only £7.99 and come in multiple colours in sizes 6 - 20.  They are also stretchy, which means you can easily size down in these. 

As you can see, they come up nice and high but the material isn't the thickest so I may be investing in some decent pants to go under these! 

I also picked up a few tops by USA pro ... mostly because I loved the little floral motif on the side! The size 16 fits me great (even over the boobs) and costs only £4.99. 

Finally, I bought a hi-vis jacket so that I can be seen when jogging around my village that had few street lamps and even fewer pavements. 

I sized up to an XXL in this Karrimor jacket, purely so I can layer wooly jumpers underneath on cold, damp winter evenings.  Its very comfy and definitely breathable, but it doesn't half rustle when I move.  

The pooch has already associated this jacket with his evening expeditions, hence the over excited leaping in the photo above! 

I feel I can safely say that I won't be quite so shabby when I hit the gym tomorrow!  What about you, have you had any great active wear find lately?

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  1. I love the dog photo bombs! Very cute. That hi vis jacket is a really good idea for exercising after dark. xx
    Just Me Leah

    1. Fergus loves to be involved ... specially if it involves running or cuddles!

      C xx

  2. Can't beat a good bit of gym gear, i'm a fan of Nike myself.
    Sonya x
    Founder/Owner of

    1. I love Nike's stuff ... unfortunately, I don't love the price tag so much!

  3. Looks great, and I love how bright it is x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  4. I love karrimor, really affordable and they come in my size which is rare.

  5. When I used to run I always wore Karrimor top and leggings and they were fab, you can't beat Sports Direct for good prices and a hi-viz jacket is a must for after hours running! xx

    1. There prices really are phenomenally low ... even worth putting up with shimmying (crawling ungracefully) up a ladder to reach the higher up pieces!

      C x

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