Cold in Canada

As you read this, I'm on route to Canada (via Boston) for a fortnight of cold weather and dreary work meetings! 

Packing for this has been torturous.  I'm a summer baby and do much better in sloppy summer dresses and mini skirts than chunky jumpers and layers. 

Nevertheless, I have tried my upmost to embrace the -10 degrees temperatures and put together a completely awesome capsule wardrobe to fit into a medium sized suitcase (I even have room for any purchases that I may make whilst out there). 

This is just one outfit that I have assembled in an attempt to look effortlessly(?) chic whilst staying warm.  

I've layered a thermal body beneath an ASOS swing top, wrapped myself in a New Look cardigan, worn thick tights beneath my pleather leggings, and layered socks beneath my boots. 

I'm hoping that this will be enough but knowing me, I'll be retreating indoors and the warmth of the central heating! 

Posts over the next fortnight may be somewhat sporadic depending on when I get time, but follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get daily updates of what I'm wearing to combat the cold! 

Outfit Details

Sunglasses:  Armarni

Scarf: Laura Ashley - previous season

Coat: Jaegar - previous season

Boots: New Look previous season
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  1. You look amazing. :) The colour of your coat is stunning on you. :) Where in Canada do you live? I used to live in Toronto before:) Miss it now.

  2. You look fab Charli! What part of Canada are you off to? xx

    1. Thank you :) I'm in Boston, US at the moment. I'm heading to Vancouver on Wednesday and I'm super excited!

      C xx

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  4. perfect outfit combination! the coat looks fabulous :)

    Melissa ||

  5. I love the colour of this coat, the outfit looks really pretty on you :)
    Bec Boop

    1. Thank you! I can't express my love for this coat - it helped me look a tiny bit chic despite being lost in a snow storm in Boston!

  6. Hello there,Ciao...nice photos and this outfit of Yours is fabolous...Your Style is great...cheers!
    greetings from Italy