Scantilly in Noir

Scantilly - the seductive, luxurious, naughty sister of Curvy Kate. 

How could I not salivate at the thought of decadent materials with a hint of the erotic coming in at sizes DD - HH?  I had been dizzy with excitement since hearing about the launch of this exciting new range earlier in the year and I was not disappointed!

Three sets of the Scantilly debut collection went on sale at the start of October and I immediately scooped up the sultry Peek-A-Boo in black satin with mesh details and tantalising cut-out details that give this set its name. 

I feel the sultry set deserved some old school glamour so I hope you will excuse the excess of noir photos! I promise to review the fit and quality once I've revealed more than a bit of myself to you all!

Okay - now that I've shared the beauty - I suppose I ought to explain the set in a little more detail!

The bra is soft cup balconette with 4 panels that give great uplift and shaped.  The bottom half to the bra is wrapped in sumptuous satin and the cleavage decorated with the signature golden S of the Scantilly range.  I'm wearing the 34HH which is the third size I tried.  

The 36GG was huge around my back - I could fit 3 fingers between my cleavage and the boning at the front.  They cups were too small at the bottom and gaped at the top.  The Lingerie Godmothers that are CurvyWordy & Miss Kathryn's Misstakes suggested that I try the 34HH and it was a much better fit but still not perfect.  The bra still gapes a little at the top of my boobs - this is, however, more because I have quite bottom heavy boobs and feel that the cut isn't perfect on me. 

I tried both the Bare Face Brief and the Thong, both in XL.  The thong was small on me and, although comfortable, gave the appearance of cutting into the flesh around my hips.  The Bare Face Brief were much more forgiving and fitted quite nicely. 

I'm also wearing the Suspender belt in XL which is a great fit.  It is supportive and comes with fairly flexible clasps - too many suspender belts have brittle clasps that break when trying to clip them onto your stockings.  There were no such problems here! 

Despite the fit problems of the bra, I've kept this set as I love the luxurious temptation of the set.  It makes me feel like an old school glamour bombshell - my head is held higher when wearing the set and I feel so very sensually sexy.  This to me is what good underwear should do! 

Bra, Briefs & Suspenders available at the following retailers:



Simply Be

Have you tried Scantilly yet?  What do you think of the range so far?

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  1. Gorgeous set and photos, you look amazing! X

  2. Beautiful and you look so sexy!!!!

  3. You sauce pot, you! You look amazing. I so hope they increase their size range. xx

    Just Me Leah

    1. Thank you Leah! I really hope they do to ... everyone woman deserves lingerie this beautiful!


  4. You look so beautiful, great underwear x

  5. Where did you find that suspender belt, I have no luck with those hold up stockings?

    1. Hey Rosie, the suspender belt is part of the Scantilly set and can be bought from any of the retailers linked in my post! Enjoy xx

    2. Thanks so much, I found them.

  6. Hi Charli, I am a first time visitor to your blog. Beautiful pics!