Autumnal Dressing with New Look Inspire*

As the weather cools, the first thing I do is reach for a tailored jacket - those of you who follow me on social media will know that recent weeks have been swamped with an assortment of the things!

So, when New Look asked me to pick out a few items from their autumn/winter Inspire range, a tailored jacket was always going to be high on the list. 

I fell in love with the Samya Black Check Collarless jacket almost immediately.  It screams of sophisticated ease, reminiscent of the Chanel tweeds worn by those oh-so-elegant style gods of the 50s. 

For a modern take on the Chanel-eque jacket, I paired it with a pair of ripped knee skinny jeans and a strappy layered camisole.  Both are also from the New Look Inspire range and all are size 18.   No autumn outfit consisting of skinny jeans is complete without ankle boots and this year suede is huge so my past season grey suede ankle boots from Jones Bookmaker are the perfect accompaniment.   

I really love layering in autumn, a longline top worn over skinny jeans keeps your bum just that bit warmer and, as temperatures drop even further, I can wear the cami beneath a slim-fit sweater or turtle neck.  

The line of the Samya jacket sits nicely on my waist which acts to define it, a trick I use for when wearing a longline camisole or top that hides my natural waistline.  It has quite heavily padded shoulders (the 80s are awesome right???) which serves to create an upside down triangle effect that again defines the waist.

The jeans are stretchy, comfy, and high waisted.  They are long enough for my leggy legs, which is unusual and definitely a massive pro.  

Unfortunately, the 18 is too big for me so these skinnies aren't so skinny on my waist and definitely gape at my waist.  However, I am frequently a size 16 in jeans - so it's not surprising that these aren't the best fit on me.  

I love the camisole - will be pairing it with skinny jeans and leggings for months to come.  I may also buy a simple tube skirt to wear below it.  I would say, on someone shorter, it could be worn as a micro-short dress (in fact I know one of my friends has done just this).   

I love the camisole so much, that I have since bought it in black!

Outfit Details:

Boots - Jones Bootmaker (past season)

Do you have a similar go-to clothing item that you retreat to the moment the weather terms?  I'd love to hear all about it! 

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  1. Charli my darlin' you look gorgeous in this outfit. That jacket is everything!! I love sweaters, so as soon as Autumn hits that's pretty much what I live in, I may need to invest in some jackets and switch this up a bit xx