Finding flat shoes for a girl obsessed with heels ...

I like heels - the more impractical my shoes, the better!

Unfortunately, a recent illness has left my left leg rather screwed.  The physio wants me to wear a splint when on uneven ground (this involves wearing walking boots) and to stick flats and my crutches when in the office. 

My, my over-worn boots, and the pooch. 
The problem?  I own a grand two pairs of flat shoes! One is pair of knee-high, leather, chained boots - the others are slip on ballet pumps used for skipping to the gym at lunch time, they are scuffed, unsupportive and don't really go with any outfit I own. 

Guess this means I need to go shopping, and here are my top picks! 

ASOS Million Dollar Leather Brogues 

Worn with ankle grazer jeans, a turtle neck, and a blazer and I have pretty much a perfect A/W look.  They're lace up, so supportive for my iffy leg, right?

Dune Ladies Briella in Pale Grey

So they are not cheap flats (£75), but look at the jewelled brooch!!!  The pale grey suede and pointed toe are so very ladylike.  They'll look great with my full skirts and fitted tees. 

River Island Black Bow Front Flats

The slight heel means I'm less likely to go over on my ankle and the bow is simply adorable.  I'm a huge fan of opaque tights come winter and these will look great with black opaques and short dresses/skirts (pretty much half my wardrobe). 

Now the big question, will I be able to buy a pair without slipping a pair of heels into my basket at the same time?

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  1. I LOVE those ASOS brogues, I've had my eye on them too.
    (I hope the physio is helping and that you feeling better soon). xx

  2. I love the River Island bow front flats they're lovely :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  3. I love the bow flats too, and I hope soon enough you can get back into your vertiginous heels! xx

    Just Me Leah