The Etsy Guide ... Pimp My Pants

I love lingerie!

I'm sure that won't come as a great surprise to my regular readers ... I am, quite frankly, obsessed.   

I have a lingerie wardrobe that hangs all my beautiful pieces and I'm continuously lusting after the latest range from What Katie Did, Harlow and Fox, and Mimi Holiday by Damaris

However, finding lingerie to fit the girls is often troublesome.  Bras and pants in luxurious lace and silk aren't too much of a problem to find.  However, the kind of item that is only made to wear in the bedroom ... that proves troublesome.   

Desperation rife,  I've turned to Etsy where the option to buy customised pieces in made-to-measure sizes seems to come as standard.     

Over the next few weeks I'll be show casing some of my favourite sellers and the wonderful items they make.  All items are handmade in Britain and are, quite simply, lust worthy! 
Promise Collection

Date Night ... a Dark Vixen!

Whether its a night out with your favourite girlfriend, a night to reconnect with your hubby, or dinner with the guy that you've been head over heels in lust with for the past three months, everyone needs a date night dress!   
This is mine from last weekend's dinner and cocktails with two of my greatest friends. 

Superboost ... a lingerie dream ...

For some time now, I've been searching for a shaping slip to wear beneath figure hugging dresses.  Something that smooths away those love handles and enhances my waist without being overly restrictive.  I have many that fit the bill, but none that look particularly sexy.  

Then I saw the Gossard Superboost Slip Dress and snapped it up that very day! 


I'm not a beauty blogger ... I stick to a few, faithful, tried and tested products that I love and have loved for a very long time.  

But the beautiful and wonderful Leah Shafik of Leah XL recently challenged bloggers to answer a few questions with the idea that beauty is one of the most inclusive areas there is, after all, you don't need to be a certain size of shape to fit a lipstick, I could help but dive straight in.

The idea is to film myself answering the questions, but I'm not tech savvy and don't have the means to do this (I'm terrible, I know) ... so instead my answers are below so enjoy and don't forget to head over to Leah XL to find other peoples responses!

This Girl Really Can ... A sportswear review ...

It's a new year, which means many of your are hitting the gym, many for the first time in months.   Now I don't always buy into the new year, new you mantra but I do feel slightly put to shame by all the gyring newbies in the sparkly workout gear. 

Despite being a glorified fitness freak (I get cranky if I don't hit the gym during my lunch hour), I have very little in the way of fitness clothes.  My go-to leggings are almost threadbare with the seams having been stitched multiple times and my old North Face trainers are torn to shreds. 

Earlier this week, surrounded by girls in some of the sexiest workout gear I've seen, I decided to up my game ... only I upped it on a budget and hit Sports Direct!  After all, who really wants to spend a fortune in clothes to get sweaty?

The Big V

It's a little less than a month away until Valentines day, which only means one thing for those paired off girls out there ... it's time to find those amazingly sexy lingerie pieces to make your man weak at the knees (because we really need an excuse to drape ourselves in lace and silk!).  

The Nell Dress Slip by Betty Blues Loungerie

Cold in Canada

As you read this, I'm on route to Canada (via Boston) for a fortnight of cold weather and dreary work meetings!