Holiday Five Way with Curvissa*

I have been asked to join with four other wonderful bloggers and review a piece from Curvissa's extensive holiday range as part of their five way challenge. 

Rather spoilt for choice, I spent simply ages trawling through their range and finally decided to try something that just screamed summer!

Marilyn's Best Kept Secret - Bandelettes from Mish Online*

I was recently contacted by the lovely Stacie from the wonderful Mish-Online about taking part in their wonderful campaign Marilyn Best Kept Secret. 

ASOS Curve Ridley Skinny Jean in White

I bought white jeans - and I have to say, I'm in love!

I've even managed to wear them several times without spilling coffee all over them!

A Plus Size Life Outdoors

I love the outdoors - to me, weekends are made for long walks with the pooch, playing in the garden, and getting some much needed fresh air after a week cooped in an air-conditioned office!  
As you read this, the pooch and I are exploring Pembroke - I drove down here on Friday with a car packed for every eventuality: sunbathing with a book on the beach, sauntering around Welsh villages in jeans and jumped, and traipsing through muddy fields in wellies and a waterproof are all anticipated and catered for! 
Yet being active and outdoors-ey doesn't always go well with being plus-size so I thought I'd share some of my "off-duty wardrobe" essentials with you. 

The Freya Deco Strapless

I seem to have gathered a wardrobe full of bardot tops in all colours of the rainbow (albeit a vast quantity of this rainbow is in black & white).  Unfortunately, I was lacking a strapless bra in a neutral shade for wearing beneath the paler tops.  

Okay, so I didn't really need an excuse to buy the Freya Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline bra, but it's always nice to have one!

The Summer LBD

I have recently promised to make better use of my wardrobe.  Its part of my #PlusSizePromise and I do intend to keep them all - so, last weekend, when stuck for something to wear for meeting some completely amazing blogging gals, I decided to trudge to the back of my wardrobe and choose a piece that I don't wear very often!

Culotte Jumpsuit from New Look

A few weeks ago, I promised to experiment more with lengths - to play with crop tops and embrace the awkward length culottes.  You can read my promises here!

In an attempt to follow through on this promise, I ordered a cute little culotte jumpsuit that I'd seen on ASOS a few weeks before. 

I sincerely promise to wear white ...

In my recent #PlusSizePromise post, I pledged to wear white more.  It's summery, elegant and sophisticated - yet I scarcely wear it for fear of dropping coffee down myself. 
I've also been conditioned into thinking that fat girls can't wear white - cue throwbacks to the barbed 'Thunder-thighs' comment when first braving white jeans. 

Well, here I am wearing white - and not a thunder thigh in sight!

Playful Lingerie from Marks & Spencer

On Sunday, I posted about a beautiful lingerie set from Marks & Spencer ... today, I plan to share my review of the matching lingerie set that is, quite frankly, to die for!