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Christmas Sale Wish Lists

After an excess of food, champagne, parties and general gluttony, I love nothing more than spending my evening curled up on the sofa, tea in hand whilst I peruse the post-Christmas sales.  

There is nothing more gratifying than being able to shop when your hair is resembling a hedgehog and you're still make-up-less in your pjs ... 

Now, there are only a few items that I'm tempted by so far, but I thought I would share my top five with you as they are really quite marvellous  ...

The Curvy Girl Christmas Wardrobe

I have posted many styled posts lately - where I have worn the dress as if I were going our despite it being a Sunday morning in my garden (this is very much the life of a blogger).  When I do dress up to go out, I'm normally on such a tight schedule that I don't have time to document what I'm wearing.  

I thought I would rectify this, slightly, and have taken the time to take pictures of some of my Christmas outfits over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to snap them all!  Some of these are selfies or poor mirror shots so I apologise in advance for the lack of quality.

Bra-Humbug: Time to trade in your Bra with Simply Be*

We all have them - those dirty little secrets that lie hidden at the bottom of your underwear draw! The bra with bent hooks, ill fitting cups, or worn straps that, for some inexplicable reason, we can't quite bring ourselves to get rid of.  We even wear it sometimes (when no-one is likely to see). 
The lovely ladies at Simply Be contacted me asking me to talk about my own hidden lingerie atrocity - my very own Bra-Humbug! 

All That Glitters - a plus sized party dress from Pink Clove

Sometimes, a girl just needs to sparkle! 

Tutti Rouge Betty Review*

Tutti Rouge, the wonderful lingerie company that makes 'Beautiful Bras for Curvy Girls', kindly sponsored my under garments for my recent night out at the plus size awards.  

I had already purchased the Jessica (you can read my review here) and, although in love with many of their piece, there was one set I was desperate to try ... the Betty - with it's bold floral pattern and ruffled lace details it really was top on my Tutti hit list!

Christmas PJ's

Christmas mornings are for shredding open presents surrounded by family! This year, this will be done at my Mother-in-Laws so I'm guessing my usual skimpy night dress and barely there robe are appropriate for the occasion. 

This means only one thing, I need some Christmas PJs! 

Adolescent Clothing All I Want for Christmas T'Shirt from ASOS

Classic Winter Dressing for the Plus Size Gal

I spoke recently about how I'm loving classic, striped back dressing - the kind of clothes and lines that will never go out of fashion but can be transformed through accessorising.   

This Elvi Black Lace Shift Dress is just that! 

Festive Dressing with Phase Eight*

Nothing days Christmas more than a red dress.  I think it's safe to say that I am obsessed with red all year round, but add Christmas to the equation and they really are perfection! 

British Plus Size Awards*

Being nominated for Best New Blog at the British Plus Size Awards was a complete honour for me!  I never thought people would ever read my blog - let alone nominate me for an award.  

Have you been good this year? Christmas Lingerie Wishlist!

Santa Baby, slip a little lingerie under the tree for me ...
Oh yes, it's that time of year again.  In my mind, lingerie and Christmas come in hand in hand - this may be because I met my husband Christmas eve but it's more likely because I love to wrap myself up as a present come the festive season.  
This is my christmas lingerie wish list, it is not practical ... a more practical, lingerie solution post will follow ... this is pure indulgence!