Picture perfect in ASOS Curve

We appear to have sunshine! 

I am so glad because I bought the most beautiful ASOS Curve dress before getting ill and was scared I'd missed my chance to wear it.  I hated the thought of saving it for next summer cause it is one of the most beautifully fitted dresses I have bought all year!

A Curvy Girl's 5 Key Pieces for A/W

I'm no longer walking around the house in silk short shorts and scrappy camisoles - I've retreated to golf socks and a wooly dressing gown.  This means Autumn is here! 

This also means I retreat into dark inky clothing with the odd jewel tone thrown in to prove I'm not a complete convert of the gothic!  I've already dug out my pleather leggings and polished the dust off last winters black leather knee-highs but what items should I invest in this year? 

Enter Elomi*

I'm typically one for sticking to brands that I know fit me well and suit my style and shape - this is never more true than with lingerie.   My lingerie wardrobe is full of the same brands, colours, and even shapes - I mean, why upset a tested formula? 
Then I found Elomi; sister brand to DD+ favourites Freya and Fantasie, the range is soaked in old school glamour with strong, classic lines and subtle detailing in collections that often run to a generous K cup.  
Imogen by Elomi