Panache Fontaine Review

I am completely gaga over Panache's collection this season. 

I think it's safe to say that there is not one item in their collection that I would not buy, should I have the available funds to do so (insert grumble over my lack of finances). 

It's so hard to choose which of their beautiful items to go for, I've already reviewed their Envy shapewear so thought, for my next purchase, I'd go a little more colourful! 

What I would have spent .... Topshop

When I was 16, Topshop was the hip and trendy place to shop.  

Unfortunately, aged 16, I was already a 14-16 and so couldn't shop there.  Aged 25, sized 18 in most shops, I still can't shop there!  But if I could, if they deemed my fat body worthy enough of their clothes, then this is what I would have bought!

Who loves short shorts?

I'm slightly obsessed with shorts - I love the idea of city-chic shorts and a sharp blazer for the summer months.  

Unfortunately, shorts don't always love me!  I'm taller that average which means most shorts are more like pants on me - that and I have pasty pasty white legs.  Now I don't mind flashing the pasty whites, I discarded tights in favour of bare flesh about a fortnight ago, but when shorts seems to be getting smaller and smaller, the idea of wearing them for a work is a little daunting!  

I have, however, stumbled across a descent pair of denim shorts - which is kind of a must in any girls wardrobe come spring! 

Joe Browns - Brazilia

I'm in the midst of a floral obsession - my weekends and evening are spent planting primroses in my garden and this love seems to have seeped into my wardrobe too.  

I'm perfectly happy in my floral bliss of la-la-land and fairies and cute little honey bees.  Perhaps that is why I feel head over heels with the amazingly vibrant Joe Brown's Brazilia dress from Simply Be

Vienna - The City Break Wardrobe

Just in case you don't already follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter - I've spent the past week waltzing (huffing and puffing) my way around Vienna. 
The city is quite magical - albeit a little contrived with trying to retain the Austrian character from the height of Empire - so thought I'd share some photos taken from my time there as well as the minimalist, where-every wardrobe that I took with me!



The US seems to have it down when it comes to plus size fashion, which has often left me rather despondent and slightly annoyed that I can't get my grubby mitts all over their delights.
Places like Pin Up Girl and ModCloth seem to churn out amazing collection after amazing questions and smother my Pinterest wall with inspirational looks.  Both places ship to the UK, but the cost of shipping isn't cheap - nor are the hefty customs you get slapped with the moment the parcels hits British soil.
So when the wonderful Debz of The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess suggested that us plus size bloggers do a post about what we would have bought if it weren't for the shipping/customs/general hassle that comes with buying from international chores, I couldn't help but jump at the chance. 
So heres what I would have bought ... 

The Ultimate Jessica Rabbit Dress 


The City Break Wardrobe - The Products

As this is post goes live, I'm en-route to Vienna - most likely with a large gin and tonic in hand as I try to get comfortable with limited leg room! 

The trip is for work but I do plan on seeing some of the sights in my lunch breaks and evenings so thought I'd share with you my travel suitcase and some essential packing tips that I swear by!

Pour Moi? St Tropez T-Shirt Bra

Occasionally, I get a little practical - it's rare, but it does happen. 

Last month my much loved Freya Deco gave up the ghost and left me without a good nude t-shirt bra which really is the one staple piece of my wardrobe.  

So off I trotted to Freya and promptly got distracted by the wealth of bright summer colours they have on offer - needless to say, I didn't buy a nude bra!

So back to the drawing board and Very rescued me (searching nude and t-shirt really helps when it comes to distractions from pretties items).  Two days later and I was jigging about the spare room in my new Pour Moi? St Tropez T-Shirt bra

Mid-Season Sales

The sales are on!
And just they're just in time for Easter - does anyone else ask for money instead of chocolate?

I'm currently heading home from a weekend of food, booze, and bickering with the family so thought I'd share my sale picks with you in case your crashed on the sofa with a chocy-hangover and in need of some light browsing! 

The Kelly Brook - Zip Front Jacquard Dress from Simply Be

Who doesn't love Kelly Brook?  I mean, the girl is sheer beauty and her fashion sense is to die for!  So naturally, I got a little bit squiffy with excitement when Simply Be released another fashion range by the lady herself. 

The collection is swoon-worthy and it took me a long time to decide on that one piece I could buy - unfortunately, my bank balance doesn't allow me to buy the entire collection!