Floral Fancies ... A Spring Wishlist ...

I don't know about you, but I'm more than a little bit bored of winter.  The damp atmosphere ruins my hair and dries out my skin.  I sleep more, eat more, and get less active a 3 hour walks with the dog become disrupted by mud, puddles, and a lack of light! 

I also find my fashion becomes boring: I wear black nearly all the time! Now there is nothing wrong with black - I like black but my legs get paler and pastier as they're hidden behind opaque tights and my eyeliner gets heavier by the day as I mood becomes increasingly glum.  I end up looking like Morticia Adams ... which isn't the greatest look this far from 30th November! 

So, I'm done with winter, and looking forward to spring! 

A Pin-Up Swoon

Sometimes, you see a dress and swoon! 

I did just that with the beautiful Lindy Bop Midnight Blue Vanessa dress from Nyla Rose

Luckily for me, I'm spoilt!  And my wonderful husband bought it me for Valentines day! 

The Babydoll Game - The Figleaves Boudoir Carmen

Today I am posting something that I am really not happy with.  

I bought Figleaves Boudoir's Carmen as part of my search to find a flirtatious little babydoll to lounge about in.  

On the model, it was everything I wanted.  The sheer cups and severe strapping give a subtle nod to the whole 50 shades craze, and the vibrant purple gives the piece a feminine edge.  Yet the moment it arrived I was sorely disappointed. 

The Babydoll Game - The Curvy Kate

At the weekend I spoke about my quest to find a Babydoll - something flirty, fun, playful, and coquettish.  

Saturday saw me spinning about the room in the Elomi Maria  - today, it's the turn of the Curvy Kate Ritzy

The Babydoll Game - The Elomi

I'm not a huge fan of the babydoll ... I prefer my lingerie to be structured, my waist tightly cinched in and my boobs lifted to my chin!  Basques and corsets are what I have lusted over for years and expect I'll continue to do so till the die that lingerie is simply no longer an appeal - which will most likely be the day I die. 

That is not to say that the Babydoll is not a great piece of lingerie that all should wear.  When first meeting my now-husband, I invested in a great dark purple babydoll for floating about his bedroom in.  I felt girly, free, and sensual.  I have since misplaced this fantastic piece of lingerie, god knows how or where, so I thought I'd invest again.