Outfit August

I think I've been in a wee bit of a rut, wearing the same outfit to work over and over again cause I know it works.  Essentially, I've lost my workwear mojo. 

To challenge this, I'm trying to use my wardrobe(s) more effectively, to wear items that are rarely worn and get rid of those that I simply don't want to see on my body.  Then I saw Leah's Outfit August challenge and thought 'that will get my lazy butt kicked into gear'.  

The idea is to enjoy getting dressed, to get creative with your outfits, and re-explore your wardrobe.  Throughout August I'm going to try and revive old items from my wardrobe and document these to share with you all.  I will post once a week with what I have worn and any little stories behind it! 


Being more Zen with Curvesome Yoga

I made a promise, some months ago, to do more yoga & meditation.   I began with good intentions but very quickly life issues,  poor health & a busy work schedule, put a real dampener on my efforts.  
Its daft really, at a time when I'm losing control of my left side (my neuro-receptors are on strike), the one thing that will help me is to keep active and learn to use my body - instead I have been all too keen to bury myself away beneath my duvet.  

Then I saw the Curvesome Yoga 30 day challenge, organised by Donna Noble, floating around Facebook and thought, 'Heck! Lets give it a go!'