My year in pictures ...

A Curvy Girl Stands in a doorway in her wedding dress

This year has been a roller coaster - the exhilarating ride of my life!  

So I thought I'd share my year in pictures, to relive some amazing memories and look forward to forging some new! 

The Lingerie Edit: A Review of the Colourful Finds

Last week I shared my favourite sexy little bras from the winter sales

Well, now my chosen two have arrived so I thought I'd share my love with you!

Curvy Kate Dare Plunge Bra

Winter Sales: The Clothing Edit

A very good (and very impatient) friend pointed out that I had promised to continue my sale picks and, 48hours later, had not posted them.  This is because I was waiting for the orders to arrive which was troublesome with ASOS being delayed and Yodel being yodel. 
But here they are, my sale picks modelled inexpertly by yours truly!

#Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

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Winter Sales: The Lingerie Edit

It's that time of year again.  

You're horrendously bloated from an excess of cheese, sausages, and port and your skin is dreadful from over indulgence and lack of sleep - who didn't stay up late watching Lord of the Rings for the seven hundredth time?

Well, never fear, the sales are here which means you can fill yourself with the smug gratification of having found that £200 coat you like for a measly £75.  

Christmas Joy's

Did you all have a very Merry Christmas?  I know I did! 

My beautiful mother (see the resemblance?) came to stay with Iain and I.  We rose late and took our time opening our presents whilst drinking tea from Santa mugs.  

I had some wonderful presents this year including the most amazing watch I could wish for ...


SilentSunday Photo

Silent Sunday

A country life ...

People often think I live a rather glamorous life, with my penchant for high heels, flippy skirts and pretty dresses.  The reality couldn't be further from this image.

I live in a sleepy, picture post-card kind of village in Oxfordshire in a 600 year old cottage with doors so low I need to duck to get through them (even without heels).  I have an over excited working cocker spaniel who bounces like a pogo-stick on speed, sheds his hair EVERYWHERE and likes to leave muddy foot prints over most of what I wear.

Because of this, my off-duty style is a lot more relaxed than most people expect.

Country Casual

A curvy girl's Christmas wish list ...

Are you starting to feel festive yet?

I was late to the festive game this year, something to do with a busy work schedule interrupted by a fortnight in a tropical location has meant that I've found it difficult to over indulge in mince pies without any feelings of guilt!

However, on Sunday, the husband and I hit Winchester for the farmers market and Christmas fayre.  We bought a slab of venison ready for christmas day and I drank the most delicious mulled cider - the husband was driving so had to settle with watching me get squiggly.   I swooned over handcrafted wooden boxes (The Hobbit box now sits proudly on my mantle piece), ate the most delicious Water Buffalo steak roll, and bought vintage jewellery for much loved friends and family.


Masquerade! The Grand Reveal ...

A few weeks ago I shared my magical experience of dress shopping for my works do - a spectacular masquerade!

I spent hours searching for a dress worthy of the occasion and ordered what I thought would be a wonderful dress, made-to-measure from Etsy.  It was a full-length, black extravaganza with a low back, a v-neck and a golden chain as straps - I was in love the moment I saw the picture.  Then it came and I could have cried.  Despite being made-to-measure it was too short in the body, some seams weren't hemmed and when they were they were done badly with thread sprouting everywhere and holes in many of them.  I was devastated - especially as the Etsy shop are now saying I caused the damage myself and they will not refund it (because I would really ruin a dress for jollies!).

Luckily, I stumbled across the perfect replacement when shopping last week.  It isn't what I originally had in mind; it is short -not long and full-skirted - not figure hugging.  But I loved it the moment I put it on - especially as it shows off my tanned legs!

Tis the season for amazing boots ...

Boots are amazing!  They can be leather or suede, clumpy or sleek, patent or matt, embellished or simple but they are all amazing.  I should also add that they are all high - at least in my wardrobe where you'll be hard-pushed to find a flat shoe, let alone a flat boot.

Now that autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, we're all pulling out the boot boxes and donning our favourite numbers.  

Two years ago I was bought a beautiful pair of patent black, high heel boots from Dune (the elastic panel means they stretch out to fit my chunky calfs perfectly).  They are legendary as my FM boots and get worn with everything from skinny jeans to prim dresses to mini  skirts (although the later ensemble is edging on trashy - but can't a girl embrace a little bit of trash from time to time?).  

A jean day ...

I rarely wear jeans for anything other than walking the dog.

The truth is, I'm not a huge fan of them.  I don't find them the comfiest of trousers (especially since leggings made a come back), they don't seem to be that practical (they're continually wearing out between the thighs), and they rarely come long enough for me to wear with my trademark heels.

Due to this, I haven't bought jeans for years - this meant that they were all dropping off me.  I've shed a few pounds recently and realised that the only thing keeping my jeans around my waist was my belt (and then there was a gaping mass of flesh where the belt loops had pulled holes through the material).

A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and went jean shopping ... expecting angst and despondence, I reluctantly entered Next and dragged my feet all the way to the jean section.  I figured I'd try the Lift, Slim, and Shape range as who doesn't need a few lumps and bumps smoothing away. I bought the second pair I tried on - Next evidently vanity size as the size 18's were borderline big so I dropped to a 16 which fits like a glove.

Next - Lift, Slim and Shape Slim Jeans in Intense Blue

Island Adventures and the new found love of an ass ...

I learnt several things on honeymoon ... monkey's are scary ... and I can live without high heels!

The first revelation came whilst wandering around a sacred Hindu lake that was, quite breath taking.  Unfortunately, it was also rife with monkeys determined to steal the offerings made at the alters even if it meant hissing and leaping at tourists!