About Me

The Name

Curvy Girls are beautiful.  So are Thin Girls.  As are pear shaped, tall, petite, spoon, oval, diamond and triangle shaped girls.

To use a cliche, size doesn't matter.  What does matter is confidence and self-love - although this is easier to say than do, it is still true!  

I am a plus-sized curvy girl who celebrates women's curves, but I'll also celebrate women who aren't hourglass and who don't conform to the fashion industry's standards.  I celebrate being yourself, wearing what the hell you want, and being confident enough to hold your head high and strut your stuff for the world (or the neighbour) to see.

The Rant

I have an ass. 

I don’t mean to be crude, but it’s true. 

I also have boobs, rather large cumbersome things that frequently get in the way.  I have thighs, a tummy, and shoulders like a rugby player. 

I’m a size 16 – 18 with a size 12-14 waist and I’m 5ft10.  Finding clothes is a nightmare!  Trousers and mini skirts are too short, blazers barely fit my shoulders, and pencil dresses are tight everywhere except my waist where they gape like a kangeroo’s pouch.  

But I love fashion!  And fashion loves me – mostly!  I don’t see why my size and shape means I can’t keep up with the trends.  Nor do I see why I should shop in frumpy catalogue stores who believe a girl over a size 16 should ignore style and class in favour of badly fitting trousers and billowing blouses that hide any assets a girl has.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a blouse  - as long as it’s sheer, or tailored, or more sexy librarian fantasy than big tent.  And that’s why I’m writing this blog – so that girls out there can feel good about their curves, their love handles, their dimpled thighs, and their bingo wings - come-on, we all have them whether we’re a size 8 or a size 24, but that doesn’t mean you should only wear clothes that cover them!

So lets defy the rules that state you should only ever be seen in empire line if you have a large chest with a defined waist and lets embrace the trends that people say we shouldn’t wear – why can’t I wear patterned cigarette pants if I have large thighs?

Check in regularly for my fashion loves and hates and also add my pinterest account to see those items I covet and my daily outfit inspiration.  I'll be scouring the shops and letting you know where you can find clothes that look and make you feel awesome no matter what you're shape or size!

C x