Playful sleepwear from Marks & Spencer

So a few years ago, you'd say Marks & Spencer and I'd wrinkle my nose with distaste.  It was the land of frumpy cardigans, shapeless dresses, and shoes worthy of a bin bag! 

I remember my Mum taking me there for a bra fitting when I was about 16 and struggling to find bras that were appropriate to my age and size ... cue a wizened looking old lady with severe glasses forcing me into something that my grandma would wear.  It wasn't a fun experience. 

Yet, the other day, when forced into M&S for my husband to try on trousers, I found myself entranced by some of the ranges on offer - there was some smoking summer workwear that I soon hope to purchase and a range of capri pants more retro chic than old lady.  I was impressed! 

The lingerie section, surprisingly, really drew my eye and I came away with a bag full of goodies to share with you.   Today, I want to show you the cute and playful nightwear set that will make you swoon!


Inspired by the amazing Katt of A Curvy Cupcake, the wonderful Debz of The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess suggested a group of us plus size bloggers make five promises to ourselves for the coming summer. 

I thought this was a wonderful idea - mostly as publicly announcing my promises means that I may just keep them.  It also gave me a chance to reflect on what I wear and what I avoid wearing due to societies "fashion rules", especially when those rules relate to size. 

Now some of my promises, okay - most of my promises, are fashion related - but I've thrown a few lifestyle goals in there too.  I mean, I can't be completely fashion-centric, right?

1.  I sincerely promise to wear white ... and not just pretty blouses ...
Source: Girl With Curves; GabiFresh; Girl With Curves

Wearing white in summer

Apparently, fat girls don't look good in white!  

I find this statement laughable - I think I look pretty damn hot when walking down the aisle in white and I wear white blouses all the time (they're basically a staple of my workwear wardrobe).  

Now, I have often shied away from white trousers, mostly as put in my white trousers and I will spill coffee ... but does that mean I don't look good in them?  

I think fat girls look just as good in white as any other kind of girl, which is why I simply couldn't resist this beautiful ASOS Curve dress with waffle texture. 

A Princess in McQueen

This weekend is my one year wedding anniversary - did you see my wedding dress?

To celebrate, the husband and I are currently in Stratford.  Hopefully, the weather is a delight and I'm eating ice cream on the river front.  More likely, we're sheltering from the rain in a pub and eating chips! 

As I promised my husband a weekend away from me tip tapping my nails across the keyboard, I thought I'd share with you a simple outfit post, inspired by my recent day out in London. 

Pour Moi? Forbidden Basque

One of my very first blog posts, in September last year, featured the oh-so seductive Pour Moi? Forbidden Basque

The overt sexuality of this piece had be lusting after if for a whole 6 months - so with my one year anniversary looming, I finally took the plunge and purchased her. 

*Disclaimer - the sexiness of this piece makes me talk bedroom.  Grandma, don't read on!

70s vibes with Yours Clothing

The 70s are quite awesome - bell sleeves, flares, mini skirts, floppy hats and blunts fringes.  What isn't great about all these things?  

So when I saw this Yours Clothing Black paisley print wrap over dress, I just had to have it!

Closet Curves - Floral Print Skater Dress

If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with florals at the moment!  

I think it may have something to do with my new gardening obsession - those of you following my on Pinterest & Instagram have been bombarded with images of my latest, and rather muddy, hobby! 

With this new fancy of florals comes another really quite wonderful dress!

Bitter Lollipop - Freya*

As a girl with big boobs and a small waist, I frequently have problems finding dresses that fit beautifully on the waist and across my chest.   Most dresses get cinched in at the waist with a belt come in stretchy materials that allow for substantial give over the chest. 

Luckily for me, there is a wonderful new designer on the scenes who makes dresses that more accurately reflect a curvy girl's figure. 

The Fat Question

The past two weeks, my social media feeds have been saturated with debates surrounding people's size. 

Plus Sized Wars, a Channel 4 documentary on plus size bloggers like myself, sparked controversial comments from Jamelia claiming women of extreme weight, at both ends of the scale, shouldn't be able to shop for clothes in high street stores.  

The fantastic Debz of The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess came out fighting with the #WeAreTheThey campaign that had women of all shapes and sizing putting their faces to the women Jamelia so publicly shamed. 

At the same time, #EachBodysReady exploded across social media as women and men alike took offensive to Protein World's Beach Body Ready adverts that have been slapped across the London Underground! 

What has happened in the past few weeks seems to have bought issues of body confidence and, the flip side to this, body shaming, to the forefront of the British public awareness.  

Until now, I have been relatively quite on my thoughts surrounding these campaigns.  Although I am perfectly happy with stripping off too my undies and sharing my lumps and bumps with you all, I am not always so comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings on a deeper level.  But today I will ...