A High Fashion Gown for a Curvaceous Bride

This isn't a wedding blog ... but every girl loves a beautiful bride.

I got married myself in May having spent many an hour obsessing over what I would wear.  From the day my husband proposed I had a clear idea in my head.  I would wear a 1940's gown with lace detailing, pin curl my hair, and wear the most fantastic pair of heels imaginable.

Making my vision happen, wasn't so easy.  By my fourth attempt at dress shopping I was left in tears. Time after time I was told 'You're big, you must wear A-Line,' or 'You have boobs so you need a corset.'  One woman put me in a dress so large that I actually gained ten stone.  I saw dress after dress made for the plus size bride and, although beautiful, they simply weren't me!  When I did see a dress that I loved, I wasn't allowed to try it on because 'they don't make it in your size.'

Clockwise from top left: VW8661 by Venus Woman; Style 3156 Julietta by Mori Lee; Barcelona by Callista; WP240 by White Rose Bridal;   SON 91400 by Sonsie by Veromia.  

I'd all but given up on the idea of having something ethereal made from light fabric and even finer lace.   In fact, I was contemplating not wearing a wedding dress at all!

Eventually, my Maid-of-Honour convinced me to try a designer that had caught my eye from day one, Johanna Hehir.  I'd not even bothered contacting the London based designer as her website didn't mention anything about making dresses for the plus size bride - I was so wrong.  One email and a phone call later and I'd been reassured that they make the most beautiful dresses for all shapes and sizes whether they be long, short, wide, lumpy, or bumpy (my own words).

A fortnight later and I was in their London boutique being pinned into the most beautiful creations I've ever seen.  They may not have stocked samples over a size 12 but they pinned dresses to show me how they would sit on my body and let me prance about in dresses that other bridal stores hadn't even let me glance at.  

I left having fallen in love with a dress that ticked all the boxes and I couldn't have been happier. 

What's even better is that Johanna Hehir isn't the only designer offering high fashion gowns to the curvaceous bride.  

Left to right: Florence by Jenny Packham; Charlotte by Clair Pettibone; Edith by Johanna Hehir.

Claire Pettibone's elfin creations are for brides 'size 14, 16, 18, and up.'  The Los Angeles based designed believes that 'women of all sizes are beautiful, and feel our "real brides" look amazing.'  Pettibone dress can be customised 'to accommodate various body types, so whether you are petite, full busted, or pear shape, we can modify the pattern to your proportions.'   

Kathrine Middleton's favourite, Jenny Packham, also creates her heavily embellished gowns to fit the curvier bride.  In fact, Jenny even sent three plus-size models down the runway in her beautiful gowns earlier in the year. 

So, it looks like the designers are finally realising that hips and ass look just as good in their dresses as the long limbs of the traditional model.  Now, when will the stockists stop making beautiful women like me feel like they can't wear these stunning creations?

I fear we'll have a long wait, but in the meantime feel free to boost my ego and feast your eyes on beautiful Johanna Hehir wedding dress: