A love of Erotique?

I recently spoke about my search for a not-so-bridal trousseaux ... for luxurious silk and lace lingerie that is more 50 Shades than virginal white.  At the time I spoke of Figleaves' Erotique collection, a collection 'Licensed to Thrill' - which is by no means how I would describe it - more licensed to make you squeal with delight at the sheer beauty of the collection!

The add campaign is enough to make you wet your pants ... the bras are sheer, the lace is as fine as a spider's web, and the bodies are scarcely there at all - what more does a girl need to make a partners pulse race (not to mention her own)?

Unfortunately, the collection is beyond me - or more, I'm beyond them.  The cups sizes rarely go above a D and the back sizes are miniscule.  I had entirely ruled any idea of prancing about the honeymoon suite in my scanty-finest.

Until today - when I received and email that they are now going to a size G! I could barely contain my excitement when reading the email - an embarrassing fact when I was sat in meeting room full of colleagues who looked on me with complete bemusement (some in disdain) as I started squirming with excitement in my seat.

The moment I got home (after walking the dog and cooking the husband his dinner - he has a cold and won't move from the sofa) I clicked onto Figleaves and prepared to lust ...  their promises weren't empty ... there are a whole 2 sets that stretch to 36G, but the back size of my favourite, the Illicit Demi, doesn't go above that mere 36inch.

Tease Silk and Lace Demi Padded Bra B-G

Figleaves Boudoir - Illicite Demi Cup B-G Bra

They are, nevertheless, beautiful ... and I will mostly likely be making a purchase of one of these lovelies in the coming weeks, but I was still left disappointed and rather cold at their rather hollow promises of fuller figure lingerie.

Never fear though, my old bed-friend Pour Moi? has bought out a basque that will blow the scanty lace of the Figleaves' Erotique clear out of the bedroom ...

Forbidden Basque by Pour Moi?

Not only is the Forbidden Basque one of the most sensual pieces of affordable lingerie out there today, with the waist band enhancing your curves and the peeping shape of the bra giving a nod to the latest fetish for all things bondage, but it also goes to 40G so you don't need to worry about desperately trying to cram yourself into a basque several sizes to small (come on - we've all tried to do it).

Perhaps Figleaves, a stockist of the Pour Moi? collection, will take notice of their own claim to be the 'ultimate online destination' for lingering of all shapes and size and start to reflect their inclusive policies in their own designs ... after all, why can't a curvy girl wear this ... ?

Maison Close, Chambre des Secrets Cupless Bra

Don't worry though, the luscious mask comes in one size to fit all ...

Aubade, Boite A Desir Gloves & Mask

C x x x