A not-so-Bridal Trousseaux

I'm going to Mauritius!  This new mantra drives my friends insane ... but it's my honeymoon so I'll gloat away!

My husband and I didn't have a steamy wedding night - we stayed at my Mum's house and pretty much passed out with exhaustion after dancing for hours on end - so I can't wait to surprise him with a suitcase full of the most wonderfully sexy lingerie a girl can find.  

My excitement at the prospective of barely-there lace and fine silk only grew when I discovered Dita Von Teese has a lingerie range being sold at ye old faithfuls, Figleaves and ASOS.    

Clockwise from left: Savoir fitted chemise; Madame X longline bra; Man Catcher Bra, Suspender and Briefs; Madame X underwired bra.   

Miss Von Teese, famous for having 'axed' skinny models, has always been a strong spokesperson for us 'curvaceous women and fuller-figured girls,' so I'd be right in thinking that her latest collections would make a welcome addition to my less-than-virginal trousseaux.  I was sorely disappointed!

The lingerie is beautiful but the sizing is as pint-sized as the burlesque star herself.  The cup size maxes out a measly DD and you'll be lucky to find matching bottoms in size 16 (they do go to a size 16 but they sold out within minutes and there are no plans to restock).   There is simply no chance my 36GGs would fit - let alone my size 18 hips. 

Slightly disheartened, I nevertheless persevered - what girl wouldn't go to a bit of effort to dress like a burlesque star for a fortnight? 

With Dita's own range of lingerie thrown cleanly out the window, I got searching for equally beautiful pieces that come more realistic sizes.  

Clockwise from top left: Ritzy Babydoll by Curvy Kate; Addicted half-cup bra by Pour Moi?; Lola Luxe basque by Bravissimo; Retrolution by Gossard; Sienna full support balconette by Beautiful by Boux; Tiffany bra, suspender, and brief by Maquerade.

Curvy Kate, the buxom-gal's favourite, is always top of the game when it comes to sexy lingerie built to support and flatter the larger chest.  They start at D cup and go to a K so you'd be hard not to find  something here.   Top of my wish list is their Ritzy Babydoll in a sultry red -  I can certainly see myself floating about our hotel room in this!

Rertolution by Gossard is also a must when it comes to channelling you're inner siren - I've always been drawn to red!  It will also double up as amazing control for under slinky pencil dresses.  Unfortunately, the ranges maxes out at an E cup but their other designs go to a 38G and their pants go to a roomy 18.  

Pour Moi? Say's it all.  A staple in my lingerie wardrobe - yes, I have a whole wardrobe devoted to my lingerie fetish - the oh-so affordable brand is a must when it comes to appropriately sized basques and lacy bras. The Addicted range evokes images of smokey jazz clubs with scantily clad ladies, scarlet lips, and pin curled hair.  Roll on pay-day .... 

Thanks to the lingerie designers who embrace curves my wardrobe is now brimming with beautiful pieces in my favourite colours of scarlet, black, and deep purple.  I may have even added an set of electric blue to the mix!   All I need now is November to come ... and maybe these wonderful designers to ditch the skinny models and fill their creations with us buxom beauties! 

C x


  1. Such a great topic! Already a DD at 15 i used to get so upset that my friends wore cute little items and i was always reduced to wearing granny hammocks! I need some curvy kate in my life asap!

    1. I know how you feel - I often moan that I can't war backless or anything low cut as I can't go without a bra - but wearing these bra's makes up for it. I wouldn't trade my curves for the world!