A Princess in McQueen

This weekend is my one year wedding anniversary - did you see my wedding dress?

To celebrate, the husband and I are currently in Stratford.  Hopefully, the weather is a delight and I'm eating ice cream on the river front.  More likely, we're sheltering from the rain in a pub and eating chips! 

As I promised my husband a weekend away from me tip tapping my nails across the keyboard, I thought I'd share with you a simple outfit post, inspired by my recent day out in London. 

A little under a fortnight ago, I had the most marvellous girls day in London that centred around the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A.  We ate cake, drank tea, looked at some of the most amazing fashion ever created, and tried on shoes we couldn't afford in Harrods.   Quite frankly, it was my kind of day!

Now, I'm a big McQueen fan.  No-one does tailoring like him and his avant-garde creations are, in my eyes, worth far more than any Van Gogh.

Unfortunately, I was unable to afford the beautiful silk scarves or knuckle duster handbags that were on sale.  I was, however, able to afford a McQueen at the V&A t'shirt.

I love the iconic skull with intricate embellishment but, if you go, be warned!  The XL in the fitted barely fits me so I would suggest you try before you buy!

Now, I'm not big on t-shirts - you know me, I'm all about pretty dresses and high heels - so I felt inclined to put my own touch on this beauty.  I teamed it with a high-waisted, full shaped ASOS skirt in a deep pink, almost red colour.   

I threw on a white belt to exaggerate my waist and my new pointed sandals from New Look - I love teaming pointed shoes with a 50s full skirt, I think it brings a vintage inspired piece straight into the 21st century. 

Skirt - ASOS past season

Belt - New Look Inspire past season

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  1. You look great! I love that skirt. xx

  2. Lovely outfit, and I just LOVE your hair!


  3. That skirt!! <3 You look fabulous!!! xx

  4. Swoon... I love the whole outfit, but those shoes are amazing. I wish I could wear heels again.. Due to my balance disorder I can't! :( xxx