Wearing white in summer

Apparently, fat girls don't look good in white!  

I find this statement laughable - I think I look pretty damn hot when walking down the aisle in white and I wear white blouses all the time (they're basically a staple of my workwear wardrobe).  

Now, I have often shied away from white trousers, mostly as put in my white trousers and I will spill coffee ... but does that mean I don't look good in them?  

I think fat girls look just as good in white as any other kind of girl, which is why I simply couldn't resist this beautiful ASOS Curve dress with waffle texture. 

I snapped it up in the sale a few month ago, in eager preparation for summer (which is where exactly?).  It cost just £15 and, quite frankly, is one of the best damn bargains I've ever picked up. 

I was worried at first that the shape would be a bit boring - you couldn't see the shape in the ASOS photos and it looked, in some of the angles, a little swamp like.  Thankfully, I needn't have worried. 

The scoop neck is oh-so-flattering and the waist cinches in nicely before the skirt flows gently across my hips.  The high-low hem is subtle and the waffle texture of the dress means it holds its shape and sways very slightly as you walk. 

The shape of the dress is perfect for hourglass curves and has something of a Nigella Lawson appeal - if only I have her hair and lips to go with it. 

The dress is light weight but not meant for super hot days - if wearing in warmer climates it would be reserved for evenings - but is perfect for a (hopeful) British summer. 

In these pictures I'm soaking up the sun in my garden (accompanied by the ever faithful pooch) so paired the dress with bare legs, swept back hair, and a plaited brown leather belt that I've had for donkey years. 

I wore this dress to the Royal Shakespeare Company's Rooftop restaurant last weekend and paired it with a grey peplum blazer and high heels.  It made for a beautiful elegant evening dress and I'm sure it will be pulled out for many more occasions throughout the warmer months. 

Unfortunately, the dress is sold out online but I'm really hoping ASOS will release more like it!

Do you have a favourite summer dress thats just screaming for sunshine?

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  1. You look awesome in white! The only reason I barely wear white is because im so clumsy haha x

    Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

    1. I'm exactly the same - frequently dribble coffee everywhere and can't for the life of me carry something without spilling it!

      C x

  2. I love this..shame its sold out..

    1. Sorry Altrisha, I think I nabbed one of the last ones. Here's hoping they'll bring it out in other fabrics/colours!

      C xx

  3. Love this dress on you it looks like it was made for you xx

  4. I don't wear white because it would end up grey in a matter of minutes, as I travel on the bus every day. #Grubby

    You however, look amazing in it!

  5. You look stunning as always and white suits you so well. I love white, and have a few things in white, but I just mess it so quickly that I only ever wear it for something special. xxx

  6. You look amazing. The dress is gorgeous. I don't wear much white as I'm afraid I'd spill something over it. xx