Playful sleepwear from Marks & Spencer

So a few years ago, you'd say Marks & Spencer and I'd wrinkle my nose with distaste.  It was the land of frumpy cardigans, shapeless dresses, and shoes worthy of a bin bag! 

I remember my Mum taking me there for a bra fitting when I was about 16 and struggling to find bras that were appropriate to my age and size ... cue a wizened looking old lady with severe glasses forcing me into something that my grandma would wear.  It wasn't a fun experience. 

Yet, the other day, when forced into M&S for my husband to try on trousers, I found myself entranced by some of the ranges on offer - there was some smoking summer workwear that I soon hope to purchase and a range of capri pants more retro chic than old lady.  I was impressed! 

The lingerie section, surprisingly, really drew my eye and I came away with a bag full of goodies to share with you.   Today, I want to show you the cute and playful nightwear set that will make you swoon!

The Silk Rose Print Set with French Designed Lace isn't the most affordable set on offer by M&S - yet, as part of the Rosie for Autograph range, it is one of the sexiest!  

The set comes in at £54.50 and is made from silk which actually makes it a bit of bargain - I challenge you to fine me a silk pyjama set for less! 

The set feels incredibly well made with adjustable straps and a lightly elasticated waist on the shorts.  

The shorts do come up short on me, you can see a bit of bum cheek from behind, but bare in mind I'm 5ft10 so short shorts are kind of a feature on me.  

I really love the black lace panels that pleat at the front of the shorts and create the illusion of a low neckline on the camisole.  The deep v-shape of the lace draws the eye down and elongates the torso, drawing the eye to the narrowest part of the waist. 

The length of the camisole is great, sitting almost exactly on my hip.  I'm wearing the size 18 in both shorts and camisole and the fit is kind of perfect.  I could fit into the 16 but I like the slightly loose fit (any fighters would constrict when sleeping).  

The range comes in size 6 - 20 so is fairly inclusive for a high street shop but it would be nice to see the range go as high as their usual stuff (some of their less-fang nightgowns come in sizes 6-26). 

Some of the other sets in this range are also, quite frankly, to die for.   I love the teddy and the full length nightgowns.  

Unfortunately, we want to buy a house (one day) so my spending is curtailed and I can't justify the expense right now.  Naturally, if someone wants to buy this for me - I wouldn't object (hint hint, wink wink).

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  1. Wow, this amazing on you!! I do love a bit of Marks and Spencers, they've come such a long way in the past few years. I'm currently saving for a house too, how exciting :D x

    1. TBH, I was shocked at how nice the stuff was! I could have bought half the store - clothes as well as undies!

  2. Oh wow you look gorgeous! Im still one of those nose-turner-uppers despite knowing how far they've come in the last decade. I just can't shake the Old Granny label from my mind. Yet!

    1. Haha, I'm also a nose-turner-upper! So glad I got dragged in for my mind to be changed though!

      C xx

  3. OMG you look absolutely stunning. :) I rarely go to Marks and Spencers for clothes. I think they are pricey as well. P.S You really don't make it easier for me to deal with that crush I have on you!!! <3

    1. Somehow I completely missed this comment!!!! I just love people crushing on me ... I'm not gonna make that any easier :P

      C x

  4. This is a lovely set and the photos are so cute. Your dog is a sweetie too. xx

  5. Glad I wasn't the only one that got measured there and forced into granny bras when I was younger! After that experience I used to always turn my nose up at M&S until a few years ago when I found a cute all my underwear and nightwear is from there plus a couple of clothing items too!
    You've made me want this set! It's divine!