Inspired by the amazing Katt of A Curvy Cupcake, the wonderful Debz of The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess suggested a group of us plus size bloggers make five promises to ourselves for the coming summer. 

I thought this was a wonderful idea - mostly as publicly announcing my promises means that I may just keep them.  It also gave me a chance to reflect on what I wear and what I avoid wearing due to societies "fashion rules", especially when those rules relate to size. 

Now some of my promises, okay - most of my promises, are fashion related - but I've thrown a few lifestyle goals in there too.  I mean, I can't be completely fashion-centric, right?

1.  I sincerely promise to wear white ... and not just pretty blouses ...
Source: Girl With Curves; GabiFresh; Girl With Curves

I suppose the extension of this promise is to not spill coffee on myself.  My husband says I have a drinking problem; I frequently miss myself and tip tea, coffee, or wine straight down my top!

I recently wrote about love of white - and the fact that fat girls look amazing in it too - the post can be found here: Wearing White in Summer

Unfortunately, apart from this one dress and a ton of blouses/camis, I own very little white.  Last summer I bought a 50's full skirt in white ... it has been worn once.   I love the look of white jeans ... but shy away from cellulite-y thighs (and unsightly stains).  

However, this summer I plan to take the plunge - I'll buy some white jeans and I will wear that beautiful 50s skirt that has been hanging, neglected in my wardrobe! 

2.  I shall play with lengths ... I'm talking cullottes and crop tops ...
Source: Supple Chic; Phase Eight; Luzieht An
Culottes have always confused me, I think I like them but have never tried a pair on.  I mean, what are they?  Shorts, trousers, pedal pushers or skirts?

Bafflement aside, I'm loving alternative lengths rights now and I feel a well tailored, cropped pair of culottes would be perfect for the office this summer.  Which means I have to invest! 

Source: Curvenvy; Nadia Abhoulson; Everything Curvy and Chic
I'm also loving crop tops - for years I've been scared to bare my battle scarred midriff.  Then I went on honeymoon, braved a bikini and thought, 'Is my tummy really so hideous?'  Last week  I bought a crop top and this year, I will wear it!

3.  I will embrace my inner hippy ... 
Source: Stushi Gal Style; Sometimes Glam; Love All Chubby Girls
I love the idea of floaty blouses, folk printed dresses, and flowers in my hair!  Unfortunately, I've never felt that my middle class self could quite pull the look off.  I'm more 20-something-playing-at-business that free-loving-bare-footed-20-something! 

Yet this year I plan to work elements of my inner hippy into my wardrobe.  I'm thinking subtle flowers, printed playsuits, anklets and toe rings!

4.  I shall be more Zen ... 

Source: Andrea The Seeker; Elephant Journal; Dances with Fat
I have a few anxiety and temper issues - at the moment I'm going through some health scares that have been rather seriously affecting my mental health.  I have always found exercising to be the best way to move past anxiety issues but I'm currently unable to do the same level of exercise that I have grown use to. 

I have recently started practicing yoga on evenings and I promise myself to practice yoga and meditation on a more regular basis as I feel this will really help me relax, unwind, and control those chaotic elements of my mentality.  I'm also trying to eat healthier - no processed foods, no complex carbs, cut back on caffeine and sugar and eat organic.  I hope this will, at least, help my bad skin outbreaks (I get these whenever stressed) and ease some of the painful bloating around the scars on my tummy. 

5.  I promise to use my wardrobe more effectively ... 

Source: Refinery 29; Buzzfeed; Huffington Post
Now realistically, my wardrobe is never going to look like those above.  I have neither the space nor the budget to create such a dream in my twee little country cottage.  However, I have more than my share of wardrobe space - okay, I have 3 wardrobes and 3 sets of drawers.  My husband has 1 draw and 1 wardrobe. 

Despite the amount of room, I believe I only use about 1/3 of my wardrobe.  This summer I plan to trim the dead wood and create a more streamlined wardrobe full of functional (and timeless?) pieces. I doubt I'll ever achieve a minimal wardrobe, but hopefully I'll achieve a wardrobe with more function and maybe a wee bit less clutter. 

What are you're promises to yourself this summer?  Keep them positive ladies!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the other wonderful ladies taking part in this post!


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  1. awesome choices, I could have done the wear white one too, it terrifies me!

  2. A big yes to hippie and zen! :) xx

    1. And maybe, one day, I'll be able to stand on my head and do the splits???? That would be amusing!

  3. I want to embrace my inner hippy too xx

    1. Do it!!! Go barefoot in the garden and wear flowers in your hair, it will be amazing!

  4. Love this! Yay to wearing white in summer! x

    1. I'm so excited about white now, just ordered another ASOS Curve dress that is white than white (mostly cause it's transparent in places).

      C xx

  5. Oh yes!! Great choices. I do yoga and it is great!!! I think I will follow you and try more white. :) I do like it so much. xx