Pour Moi? Forbidden Basque

One of my very first blog posts, in September last year, featured the oh-so seductive Pour Moi? Forbidden Basque

The overt sexuality of this piece had be lusting after if for a whole 6 months - so with my one year anniversary looming, I finally took the plunge and purchased her. 

*Disclaimer - the sexiness of this piece makes me talk bedroom.  Grandma, don't read on!

 The honest truth about this basque is that I'm completely torn.  The fit is awful but the lace is very pretty! And I love the waist band that really does minimise my waist and creates an almost perfectly hourglass silhouette (from the front).

I really should have purchased a 36 back opposed to the 38G that I'm wearing - but they were out of stock and a 36 in a back is often too tight across my hips.  Despite this, I feel I'd have struggled with fit even in the smaller size.

The cup simply doesn't support me - the straps are far too long which means there is no uplift and the G cup is slightly too small creating a downward compression of my boobs.  

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, I still love this piece.   Okay, I may not wear it as supportive underwear beneath a pretty dress for a night out - but in the bedroom?  Sure!  I mean who needs to be supported by something that will end up on the floor in a few seconds flat, completely forgotten about! 

The back is tantalisingly sheer and the seems at the side give a minimising effect.  I'm wearing the basque with my big, black, no-vpl pants from Sainsbury's in this picture but, take this into the bedroom, and I'd be favouring the skimpiest (maybe crotchless) panties that I own. 

The multiple seams and strapping that make up the majority of this piece scream of bondage without actually causing any painful strapping marks on your skin.  

The basque comes with suspender attachments which I removed for the pictures (my only suspenders were terribly laddered) but I'd definitely pair with holds up for future wears - cue trip to Ann Summers. 

It's not a cheap basque, which is frustrating given the fit issues I've experienced, price at £59 for the basque alone.  Matching panties are £15.   But perhaps this would fit better on someone without such bottom heavy boobs. 

Simply Be is stocking sizes 32B - 40FF so, if you've tried it, please do let me know how it fitted you!

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  1. Wow, I love it! Enjoy the day sweetie!

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  2. It does look great on you, but you can see the cups don't offer anywhere near enough support. It is a shame, but if you keep it at least it'll get used for bedroom frolics. I think some things are worth keeping just for the cheeky feeling they give you. xx

  3. Sexy times means = your partner's job is to do the supporting!! Va va vooom x

  4. What about adding a 3rd strap to the center of the cups, between the two existing ones? It could be just some lingerie/satin-y elastic and a few stiches, and might hold up better? That's what I'd try, but then I'm very into DIY-ing things (which has been very useful as I'm full busted too), so :)