Closet Curves - Floral Print Skater Dress

If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with florals at the moment!  

I think it may have something to do with my new gardening obsession - those of you following my on Pinterest & Instagram have been bombarded with images of my latest, and rather muddy, hobby! 

With this new fancy of florals comes another really quite wonderful dress!

For quite a while now I've been head over heels, and rather bonkers, about the wonderful printed Closet dresses that have been appearing on ASOS.  Unfortunately, they all seem to fall off the sizing scale at a 16 - meaning my boobies and I are unlikely to fit into the beautiful designs. 

Luckily for me, the wonderful SimplyBe stock a range of Closet dresses that embrace the larger sizes! 

The dress is made from quite a heavy cotton material that means it holds the full bodied skater skirt you can see the pictures.   Aided by the belt, the dress cinches in nicely at the waist before flaring out to the skirt. 

The neckline is high, which can frequently make me appear very top heavy.  Luckily, the addition of a pleat over each collar bone means that the illusion of 'V' shape is created which minimises any top heavy appearances and draws the eye down to the smaller waist. 

The dress comes up very short on me - perilous when shooting this post on a very windy day - but is actually 35inches in length so would sit just above the knee on most people.  Luckily, I like my legs and often go for the shorter the better with my hem lines!

The waist of the 18 fitted me very well, which means that the dress comes up slightly smaller than average!   Unfortunately, the chest was a tiny bit too tight on me and the shoulders were actually too wide causing the dress to move upwards around my back when moving.   

Now I do have a not-quite-you're-usual-shape so the lack of fit was unfortunate, but in no way a criticism of the dress itself. 

The dress is well made with the structure holding really well.  The belt is a little brittle feelings but I'm sure that would soften with a wear or two. 

The dress is priced at £65 so not one of the cheaper on the market but the print is beautiful and, with wedding season coming up, I would suggest at least trying this one - just imagine it with a pink flower in your hair, a white crop cardigan, and some pointed white heels!

I really do hope that Closet and Simply Be continue their collaboration ... and maybe extend it to larger sizes ... as I love this dress and was kind of gutted about the fit issues.  I would definitely buy more dresses from this range and really want to try the tulip dress they currently have in the collection! 

What do you think?  Would you shop this range?

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  1. Really lovely dress.

    1. I know - I'm so gutted it didn't fit quite right! I hope some other lady looks amazing it in though!

      C xx

  2. Such a pretty dress shame about the fit issues! I have the same problem with finding something that will fit my waist and my boobs at the same time!! I love the shape of these dresses you look fabulous xx

  3. I adore that dress. It's such a shame you had fitting issues. I have the same problems though. Big boobs, even bigger hips and a small waist. I've resounded myself to just give up buying dresses with zips. Elastic all the way :P Victoria xx