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I love the outdoors - to me, weekends are made for long walks with the pooch, playing in the garden, and getting some much needed fresh air after a week cooped in an air-conditioned office!  
As you read this, the pooch and I are exploring Pembroke - I drove down here on Friday with a car packed for every eventuality: sunbathing with a book on the beach, sauntering around Welsh villages in jeans and jumped, and traipsing through muddy fields in wellies and a waterproof are all anticipated and catered for! 
Yet being active and outdoors-ey doesn't always go well with being plus-size so I thought I'd share some of my "off-duty wardrobe" essentials with you. 

When whether is cold and damp, I'm rarely seen without my two most treasured possessions:  my mouldy wax jacket from Barbour, and my battered "posh" wellies from Dubarry! 

I've had my Dubarry Galway boots from Country House Outdoor for 4 years now.  They are not cheap at £299 but I've never looked after them, they are left to dry caked in mud, rarely cleaned and never re-waterproofed.  Despite this, I can still walk through a river in them without getting cold or damp  feet and the leather hasn't stretched to causing a wrinkled leg.   I'd like to see a pair of Hunter wellies last as long as these!

I bought mine in the extra fit to allow for bulging calves and warm socks during the winter. 
My mouldy old wax jacket is a Barbour Beadnell - it has a liberty print fabric inside which has since sold out.
You can get similar here in sizes 12 - 20.
I own the size 18 which is roomy enough to wear with jumpers and scarves through winter.  
It has kept me warm through several winters and is still waterproof.   I bought a hood for it separately that doesn't quite match in the wax colour or the print but it does a great job of keeping me dry in those British showers! I've owned it for 3 years and should probably re-waterproof it soon but haven't yet. 
Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Ladies Hiking Shoe
Walking in summer months requires rather better shoes than winter.  Swollen feet getting damp from early morning dew aren't fun so I really recommend a waterproof hiking trainer.  I own a pair of very old and battered North Face Hiking shoes - I had them before going to uni in 2008 and they are still going strong.  They don't rub or chaff, they still have good grip, and offer great support to my ankles and knees.  They do have a few holes in the fabric around my ankle but I won't hold that against them!

The lightweight waterproof I'm wearing above is perfect for temperate walks (cause you never know when a cloud is gonna come and cry all over you).  It is fully waterproof, breathable, has many pockets for storage, and an adjustable hood. 
The Regatta Outlet is amazing for finding outdoor bargains - you can get similar here. 
My other must have items for being active outdoors in the UK are a pair of chino shorts - the photo above are actually being worn in Mauritius but I have packed them for Pembroke and no from experience that I can walk all day in these without chub rub.  They're also great for rolling up and down depending on how short you want them at the time.  
These are from Next for only £16 and come in sizes 6 - 22. 
Do you have any must have items for being active outside in our changeable weather?  I'd love to expand my wardrobe some more!
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  1. Love those boots-would come in handy for walking Mister Truffles x

  2. Those boots are awesome, I do wish Regatta would go up a few more sizes

  3. I would love to come for a walk with you and Fergus one day ;) xx