The Summer LBD

I have recently promised to make better use of my wardrobe.  Its part of my #PlusSizePromise and I do intend to keep them all - so, last weekend, when stuck for something to wear for meeting some completely amazing blogging gals, I decided to trudge to the back of my wardrobe and choose a piece that I don't wear very often!

In fact, I think I've only ever worn this LBD once - for an oh-so-classy night out at a cocktail bar which quickly turned into dancing like a crazy person in a tiny bopper club known for grimy floors and sticky walls. 

The dress was from ASOS Tall range, which means it's a very elegant length on me sitting neatly across my knees.  It actually has a bardot neckline but I moved the straps to offer a bit more support for traipsing around Oxford.  

The dress is made from a light jersey fabric that is perfect for warm summer days.  It also means the skirt flows slightly when you walk - a swishing skirt always makes me feel like a 40s movie star! 

The dress has a sheer lace panel across the waist.  Unfortunately, it reveals my bra because the boob area is a wee bit small on me, so I wear a beige slip underneath that gives the illusion of seeing skin whilst protecting my modesty.  I got this one from Primark a few years ago. 

I'm having a blue moment right now, so paired the dress with my ever-so-old blue handbag from Topshop and my mock-suede flats from New Look. 

Excuse the strange man shadows ... the husband hasn't quite figured out his angles!

Clockwise from top left: Mookie, Natalie, Hanna, Patty, Becky, Yours Truly :)   
The wonderful babes that I met with really made a beautifully sunny day even better.  I had a really lovely time, playing in the Primark changing rooms and eating the most amazing brunch before heading to Christ Church for a spot on sunbathing.  

Please do check out their blogs as they really are worth a read! 

Playing in Primarni
An ungraceful picture of my soaking up the sun!
Patty, Becky & Yours Truly, sipping cocktails with brunch!
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  1. This dress is gorgeous on you honey. So lovely. And I like the Primarni outfit too. I hope you got that one

  2. The dress looks great on you!

  3. Ah, I'm so glad you got to meet some of my fave ladies. The dress is lovely and the lace panel really makes it. xx

  4. It was such a fun day out and lovely to meet you. :) I loved your dress and it just suits you so well. :) I loved it when we went to the park and you just lied down soaking up the sun. :) Good memories and good laughs. :) We should do it again sometime soon. :) xx