Marilyn's Best Kept Secret - Bandelettes from Mish Online*

I was recently contacted by the lovely Stacie from the wonderful Mish-Online about taking part in their wonderful campaign Marilyn Best Kept Secret. 

For those who don't already know, Mish online stock a great little product from across the pond - Bandelettes! 
These saucy little numbers may look like traditional holds up but, I promise you, there is not a nylon in sight and my legs are entirely bare.  The sexy lace number you see peeping at the top of my thigh is actually an anti-chaffing band, designed to stop that sticky, nasty, chub-rub that so many of us experience during the warmer months. 

Now, I may not have got them on quite straight in this picture but, despite my natural tendency to wonkiness, I do have to say that I'm rather impressed with these.  I was skeptical as many pairs of hold ups have caused sticky discomfort over the years but these felt very inconspicuous against my skin. 

They come with a layer of hold up material, like you often find on strapless bras, which holds them nicely in place and they have plenty of stretch in the material which makes them easy to pull on and off. 

When moving about in these, I really did feel as though my thighs were sliding effortlessly against each other and there was certainly no friction to speak of. 

I'm afraid I haven't had time to give these a thorough test - nor have we had the muggy, humid weather that so often causes chaffing but there are a few other reviews linked below if you want to hear the practicalities:

To celebrate these beauties, Mish are running a 'Marilyn's Best Kept Secret Campaign':
If Bandelettes existed back in the 1950’s then we know that Marilyn Monroe would have swooned over the pretty lace thigh bands. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they also stop thigh chafing before it even starts (hallelujah right girls?)
As an icon of style, glamour and femininity, Marilyn Monroe has continued to inspire and become a positive role model for many women today, and we want to celebrate that!
That’s why, we’d love it if you joined us to snap yourself recreating the iconic moment when Miss Monroe’s white dress cheekily floats up – but this time flash a little of those stunning Bandelettes! Grab some friends and have fun snapping!

Have you tried the Bandelettes?  And will you be taking part in the campaign?  It really is good fun!

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  1. Absolutely love these bandelettes - I need to get myself some pronto! I was just ranting on Twitter about how much I need some, especially on a day like today. That dress is gorgeous by the way, you're rocking that look! xx

  2. Such a cute idea for a campaign. I have purchased some myself and think they would be great at a party or something like that, but alas with the amount of walking I do in London, they end up shifting a bit, which is a bugger! They look so lovely though...

  3. OMG Charlie you look stunning. The dress, the sexyness omg.. I'm getting a bit hot here hehe... ;) I've never tried Bandelettes, mostly in fear of them either riding up or falling down. I normally use an anti chafing cream, but I'm happy to give these a go as they adds a bit of sexyness to the outfit and I think they would instantly makes you feel sexier wearing them. :) xx

  4. These are a brilliant idea!! Usually I wear cycling shorts under dresses in summer but they do have a tendency to make me a bit too warm, these are a much sexier and cooler solution to thigh chafing! You look absolutely stunning in that dress.
    Poppy |