I sincerely promise to wear white ...

In my recent #PlusSizePromise post, I pledged to wear white more.  It's summery, elegant and sophisticated - yet I scarcely wear it for fear of dropping coffee down myself. 
I've also been conditioned into thinking that fat girls can't wear white - cue throwbacks to the barbed 'Thunder-thighs' comment when first braving white jeans. 

Well, here I am wearing white - and not a thunder thigh in sight!

I bought this skirt from ASOS in the sales at the end of last summer.  It then sat in my wardrobe for months - partially because it was a wee bit tight on my waist as it's only a size 16, and partly because I was nervous of wearing such an overtly white skirt out in public!

I've since lost a wee bit of waist and got over the fact that my legs are bottle white (and frequently reacting badly to the chlorine of the pool).  And I'm so glad that I did get over that fact cause, looking at these photos, I'm more than wee bit smitten!

I love pairing 50s inspired skirts with bardot tops like this one from ASOS - it gives a really vintage feel and I just love flashing my shoulders.  I'm wearing a Freya deco bra with the straps pulled down to keep my d├ęcolletage bare. 

My shoes by Kurt Geiger from Shoeaholics - a great store that sells past season Kurt Geiger shoes at iddy biddy prices.  The link is at the end of my post so please do check it out if, like me, you're a complete shoe addict!

Will you be wearing white this summer?  
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  1. woop woop for meeting a promise already and damn right too this skirt looks too damn cute on you xx

    Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

  2. Wear whatever you want dear! White is at the same time put-together and super cool! :)

    - Che


  3. You look amazing, I don't wear white very often not because it's "against the rules!" but because I'm just so messy! I have started wearing more pale colours but I've ruined three tops in the past week x

  4. Looking awesome! Defo more white please xxxx

  5. This is a fab look :) you really rock a 50s skirt my lovely


  6. Aww look at you. :) You look like you have come right out of a 50s movie!! :) Lovely! :) xx