Culotte Jumpsuit from New Look

A few weeks ago, I promised to experiment more with lengths - to play with crop tops and embrace the awkward length culottes.  You can read my promises here!

In an attempt to follow through on this promise, I ordered a cute little culotte jumpsuit that I'd seen on ASOS a few weeks before. 

It's actually made by New Look, but I couldn't find it on their website - but ASOS are stocking it in size 6 -18 and I really wish it would come in bigger sizes as I think it's really lush and supportive for a bigger frame. 

I had assumed this would be made from a jersey style material with some stretch - I perhaps should have read the details before making this assumption.  It's actually made from a light weight and breezy polyester.  This is normally a huge no for me as I hate the feel of the material against my skin. However, this particular blend didn't aggregate me in any way!  It actually felt light and comfy against my skin and certainly didn't cause the stickiness I normally get when trying on polyester!

The bandeau top is lightly ruched which really gives emphasis to a smaller waist and the slight sweetheart neckline is always flattering for a larger bust.   The top also comes with plenty of structure that, although won't act as bra, certainly give even my boobs some much needed support! 

The wrap around tie-waist is also great for really cinching the shape in and defining your waist just that bit more!

The jumpsuits is closed with a side zipper - unfortunately, this sticks quite a bit and isn't the easiest to do up.  Once it is done up, however, it holds the bandeau top firmly in place. 

The trousers are that slightly awkward length that is all the rage with culottes but, despite initial apprehensions, I really like the awkward length.    I do feel the need to wear heels with this length though - even I'm not quite brave enough to pair a midi-lenght with flats but I have seen other girls look amazing with that look. 

It also has pockets - I FRIGGGING LOVE POCKETS!!!!!

I didn't realise this till halfway through taking photos and then I got super excited about this and took a ton more pictures featuring said pockets.  What is it about pockets in a dress of jumpsuit that ends up so marvellous?  I mean, I don't get excited about pockets on a pair of jeans! 

Although initially I bought this jumpsuit with work in mind, I did change my mind on its purpose the moment I received it.   Originally, I planned to pair the piece with a sharp blazer and pointed court shoes but, when trying it on, it's really an evening piece. 

With a swanky wine or cocktail bar in mind, I paired the jumpsuit with my favourite gold accessories! The shoes are my go to shoes for a glam evening out - they're from New Look and are super comfy and sparkly to boot!  They're also cheap enough for me to not worry about them getting trashed if I end up in a grungy rock club or student dive (it happens far too often). 

My bag is also from New Look - so guess the whole shebang is NL through and through!   It's super old and actually has wooden handles that I fold over to make it more of a clutch.  I'm not huge on bags and have a few go to pieces (maybe 3 clutches and an additional 2 shoulder bags) - this is one that gets pulled out time and time again when I want somethings with a bit of glitz!

I have only one criticism of this jumpsuit - it is see through!   Only in certain lights but, at times, the trousers reveal pants, legs and all!  I think it's such a shame that the trousers aren't either lined or made from a slightly thicker material.  

I know that the jumpsuit is relatively cheap at only £27.99, but I don't think this excuses the transparency.  Because of this, and the fact that this isn't really okay for office wear as originally intended, I have sent this piece back.  I simply can't afford to keep a piece that isn't just right at the moment.  I will, however, be looking for a another pair of culottes for work as I do love the shape and style of these!

Have you tried culottes?  I'd love to know which you love!


  1. I think this looks lovely on you especially for a classy night out and it's a shame you had to send it back! Good luck with your next culotte experience haha
    - / / x

    1. I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, check it out over on my blog :)
      -- xx

  2. Omg this is beautiful and it looks gorgeous on you! I agree with the heels, and I think this would be stunning with your hair down too!


  3. This is really lovely. I'm tempted. :) xx

  4. I was actually looking to buy this one for my holiday to Berlin, and seeing it on you have won me over.... heading over to New Look!! :) You look gorgeous!! :)