The Freya Deco Strapless

I seem to have gathered a wardrobe full of bardot tops in all colours of the rainbow (albeit a vast quantity of this rainbow is in black & white).  Unfortunately, I was lacking a strapless bra in a neutral shade for wearing beneath the paler tops.  

Okay, so I didn't really need an excuse to buy the Freya Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline bra, but it's always nice to have one!

I've loved the Freya deco range for years now - the plunge in nude has long been my daily boost bra and the matching shaper pants make great shapewear.  This strapless bra, like the rest of the range, certainly doesn't disappoint.

I've always found the deco range to be roomy in the cup so I elected for a 36G, a size down from the GG that I seem to be needing after starting  punishing gym routine that involves far more weight lifting than cardio (who knew getting fit would make my boobs bigger?).

As you can see, with straps the bra is pretty perfect fit! The cups are deep and supportive (albeit not cleavage boosting in any way) but they give a great full and rounded shape to your breasts.  

The straps, when worn, are very slim and did need readjusting when worn for several hours. Luckily, the support of the bra means that it doesn't rely on the straps to stay up, which allows them to be much slimmer than on other bras designed for the fuller figured! 

The bra is designed as long line, giving it a really wide and supportive band.  There are 5 hook and eye fastenings at the back.  I do have to say that the band was a bit tight on me at first - especially around the second tyre that sits just below my boobs.  This has, after several wears, now eased off and is much more comfortable.  

I do find that longer line bras always need that bit more wearing in than others. 

Excuse the marks on the bra in this photo - they are entirely of my own making after nearly chopping my finger off with a filleting knife a few days before and it decided to bleed again whilst I was taking the straps off the bra (grrrr). 
As you can see, the wide band is great at supporting and disguising any misplaced boob tissue or back fat that hangs around under you armpits.  I really suffer from this so wise bands with supportive contours like the seams seen above are great for me! 

Without straps, the bra is surprisingly supportive.  There is minimal drop in my boobs when shedding the straps and the cups hardly gape as they would on most strapless bras.  

I'm wearing the bra here without any amendments, but with strapless bras I frequently line the top rim of the cup with a line of boob tape to make sure it stays in place when hitting the dance floor - it really works wonders!

I really love the panel detailing of this bra - the soft peach print is adorable, as are the two cutesy buttons that sit nicely between the bussoms. 

The bra is priced at £40, so it's not one of the cheapest strapless bras on the market but it is the best I have tried so far! It even stayed put during my pogo test (which involves bouncing on the spot like a pogo stick).  I thought about filming this to prove my point but I'm still traumatised from seeing myself ride a horse in slow motion - no-one wants to see bounce like that! 

Have you tried the Freya Deco strapless?   And do you have any other suggestions for amazing solution bras I can try? 
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  1. I really like that-thanks for a fab review

  2. I love the design of this bra. Wish I could find something like that in my size. :) You look so cute. ;)