A country life ...

People often think I live a rather glamorous life, with my penchant for high heels, flippy skirts and pretty dresses.  The reality couldn't be further from this image.

I live in a sleepy, picture post-card kind of village in Oxfordshire in a 600 year old cottage with doors so low I need to duck to get through them (even without heels).  I have an over excited working cocker spaniel who bounces like a pogo-stick on speed, sheds his hair EVERYWHERE and likes to leave muddy foot prints over most of what I wear.

Because of this, my off-duty style is a lot more relaxed than most people expect.

Country Casual

This is last weekends ensemble, for wandering about the markets at Winchester and taking a walk down the river.

I'm wearing a turtle neck sweater (my latest obsession) from New Look at ASOS - I have this is in black and blue and will likely be getting the charcoal shortly.  It's a great sweater and fits me fairly well in size 18 but is only just long enough for my tall frame and so has to be worn tucked into high waisted items.  My skirt is donkey years old and also from ASOS.

My scarf is a buy from Mauritius and my boots, my wonderful new boots, are from Steve Madden at House of Fraser.  They come with an elasticated band at the top which means they fit over my ample calfs and I walked about for two hours without getting blisters at the end (that never happens).  I bought them in a size 7 instead of my usual 6 as it means I get a little extra room in the calf and can fit wooly socks underneath.

On returning home from Winchester I went out for a ramble with the pooch but my outfit was a little too glam for that, so I changed into jeans and wellies!

Country Casual for walking a Dog

The jeans are primark's skinny jeans and, as with most primark products, I size up to a 20 in order for them to fit well.   My mouldy wax, a Barbour Beadnell with liberty print lining, is my staple item for long walks.  It's warm and comfy and a has a strange musty smell that makes me think of puppy cuddles and a cosy fire place.  Mine is size 18 and roomy enough to accommodate layers of jumpers through the winter.  You can get similar here. 

My wellies are some of the poshest you'll find - and they're certainly not cheap.  I've had these Dubarry's for over 3 years now and they show no sign of wear - despite my inability to take care of them.  I can still safely splash in puddles and  can fit several layers of warm socks beneath them.  I bought these in the wider leg which you can find here

So, what do you wear on your days off being a fashion god?

C  xx