A jean day ...

I rarely wear jeans for anything other than walking the dog.

The truth is, I'm not a huge fan of them.  I don't find them the comfiest of trousers (especially since leggings made a come back), they don't seem to be that practical (they're continually wearing out between the thighs), and they rarely come long enough for me to wear with my trademark heels.

Due to this, I haven't bought jeans for years - this meant that they were all dropping off me.  I've shed a few pounds recently and realised that the only thing keeping my jeans around my waist was my belt (and then there was a gaping mass of flesh where the belt loops had pulled holes through the material).

A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and went jean shopping ... expecting angst and despondence, I reluctantly entered Next and dragged my feet all the way to the jean section.  I figured I'd try the Lift, Slim, and Shape range as who doesn't need a few lumps and bumps smoothing away. I bought the second pair I tried on - Next evidently vanity size as the size 18's were borderline big so I dropped to a 16 which fits like a glove.

Next - Lift, Slim and Shape Slim Jeans in Intense Blue

I bought the longer length and they work perfectly with courts and tuck nicely into boots.  The material is sturdy and I do have to wriggle (quite a bit) to get these over my hips but I'm pretty certain that they do slim my hips and thighs (exactly as they claim).

The waist band sits a little lower than I'd like for high waisted jeans (they sit just below my belly button) but this may be because I need a slightly longer leg - I'll be ordering the extra long next time! 

What I like most about these jeans is that they don't gape at the back which means I can safely wear a g-string without that dreaded reveal-all moment when getting up from the sofa or bending down to retrieve something from a low cupboard. 

Unfortunately, they flatten my bum a bit bit I can forgive that.  What is slightly worrying it how blue they dyed my legs - it took three exfoliating sessions for my skin to go back to a normal colour.  If you buy these definitely wash them before wearing!

They come in sizes 6-22 and in multiple lengths. 

The vest I'm wearing is also from Next, I have it in multiple colours and is definitely a wardrobe staple.  

C x x 


  1. i have all those problems you said! I might have to take a trip to next to try these out :) Adele x
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    1. Many girls have those problems yet retailers rarely cater for them - so frustrating! River Island do good jeans too - but, unfortunately, they don't last very long as the denim is quite thin!

      C x x

  2. I have just started wearing jeans again after about a year in leggings, I love the Evans ultra stretch, they are so comfy I bought 4 pairs lol. These jeans look great on you. Btw you are gorgeous!

    1. Aww thank you :) Alot of people rave about the Evans ultra stretch but I prefer a tougher denim (and screw comfort???).