Island Adventures and the new found love of an ass ...

I learnt several things on honeymoon ... monkey's are scary ... and I can live without high heels!

The first revelation came whilst wandering around a sacred Hindu lake that was, quite breath taking.  Unfortunately, it was also rife with monkeys determined to steal the offerings made at the alters even if it meant hissing and leaping at tourists!

The second revelation was shocking!  I packed two pairs of heels, my beautiful nude Ted Bakers and a cheap but wonderful pair of teal shoes from Primark - they rocked my summer wardrobe and I was certain they'd be a prized possession for Mauritius.

I couldn't have been more wrong!  By day two I had neglected all shoes for floating bare foot, anklet jingling and hair (substantially curlier than normal) blowing in the wind.  

Something about Mauritius bought out the hippy in me, although I didn't go quite so far as wearing flowers in my hair, but only because the flowers were full of bugs!

I did, however, wear the most fantastic prints, the greatest jumpsuit and the best tan-enhancing dress out there.

I also discovered a love of hats ... masculine hats stolen from a fellow holiday-maker after it turned out to be too small for his head.  I will never go on holiday without a straw trilby again!

The most amazing thing about my holiday was that, despite an over-loading of carbs, I began to love my body.  Not that I didn't already but I had packed a body-shaping swimsuit (reviewed here) and a high-waisted bikini worthy of any 50's pin-up with the sole intention of covering my burgeoning belly and its maze of stretch marks. 

Both got left in the suitcase.  Instead, I bared the flesh and spent the fortnight in the skimpiest bikini's I own.  I don't know it was the tantalising feel of the sun on my bare skin or the laid back, relaxation that embodies Mauritius but I felt beautiful in my skimpy bikinis.  My inhibitions were gone to the extent that I even allowed a multitude of photos of yours truly barring (almost) all. 

The last photo in that series was my husbands bright idea - my big red arse getting out of the sea.  I'm not sure if I love it more than he does, but I certainly know that I love my ass!

The red bikini is from Freya and is wonderful.  It withstood windsurfing, paddle boarding, excessive swimming and even supported me enough to wonder about the pool with the straps slipped off my shoulders.  It is on sale at Figleaves outlet for a little over £32. 

The second bikini is also Freya but is donkey years old (from a Tunisian holiday over 3 years ago).  It also a wonder on the support front and hasn't aged a day!

Now, its back to reality and attempts to feel festive ...

C x x 


  1. Wow, what gorgeous photos! You should love your arse, it's like a peach! xx

    1. Thank you Leah :) I'm currently looking for the tightest wiggle skirts imaginable so I can show it off some more :)

  2. Such stunning photos. I wish I can wear high heels, but I can't anymore:( I have a balance disorder... but they are so pretty. And you should be proud of your bum!! It's lovely. :)