Christmas Joy's

Did you all have a very Merry Christmas?  I know I did! 

My beautiful mother (see the resemblance?) came to stay with Iain and I.  We rose late and took our time opening our presents whilst drinking tea from Santa mugs.  

I had some wonderful presents this year including the most amazing watch I could wish for ...

... a beautiful antique necklace ...

... and many a new edition for my growing library ... 

After a hearty breakfast we went for a walk with the dogs and stumbled across some curious sheep ... strange how that happens in the country ...

After our walk we watched Frozen and drank champagne before getting all dolled up and splashing on the red lipstick ...

I wore an dress that I've had for donkey years with a gold belt and my new sparkly shoes from New Look which have been featured in an earlier post:

This dress is a real catch and looks great with a tailored blazer for work and can be jazzed up with the addition of some gold accessories and sky-scraper heels for evening wear.  I bought the dress from La Redoute at least 3 years ago and frequently pull it out back out of the wardrobe for those days when I want to feel sophisticated and regal.  

My Mum's dress is from Roman Originals and doesn't it do wonders for her petite and curvy figure?

My husband was a star and cooked the most amazing roast venison dinner ... 

... and we all crowded around the tiny table squiggled into my tinier lounge to tuck in ...

... before collapsing on the sofa to gorge on christmas pudding and corny christmas tele!

How did your Christmas go?  Was Santa very nice to you?

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  1. Awww your Christmas looked amazing. :) I had a wonderful Christmas too. Spent it with my sister in laws family, my husband and my mother in law in St.Albans this year. Mike and I don't give each other any big presents, just little presents in the stocking as we save the money for a big holiday and a trillion small ones every year. :) Your mum is a stunning lady just like you. You both look gorgeous. :)

    1. Christmas in St. Alban's sounds lovely. My mum is truly stunning and really doesn't seem to age - I think its all the time she spends outdoors!

      Wishing you all the best for the New Year,

      C xx