The Lingerie Edit: A Review of the Colourful Finds

Last week I shared my favourite sexy little bras from the winter sales

Well, now my chosen two have arrived so I thought I'd share my love with you!

Curvy Kate Dare Plunge Bra

The colour of this bra is as beautiful as it looks on the website.  I love the silver thread of the floral embroidery and the little bows on the bra straps are simply adorable. 

I ordered a 36G and the bra is a tiny bit snug.  I could have sized up to a 36GG but, with my chest slowly shrinking due to hours in the gym, and the fact that the cups will stretch with a wash or two, I didn't feel it worth the hassle of an exchange.  

The back is also a little snug but this will give.  A 38 would gape after being worn and no-one wants a bra that doesn't support. 

Considering this isn't a push-up bra, it does give me a very nice shape.  I like the way it makes my boobs sit slightly higher without giving me the excessive cleavage that I've come to associate with a plunge bra. 

It's also very supportive.  I've worn it for taking the dog on a mammoth hike with no discomfort whatsoever.  I don't have black eyes after doing the jumping-jack test which is normally a sign that the bra supports me very well.  

Overall, I would say this bra is a great buy for every day wear, especially at only £14.  I'll be wearing it beneath higher neck dresses and crew neck tops and be feeling very happy whilst doing so.  

Lulu Tout Amelie Underwired Bra 

Isn't the electric blue phenomenal!????!!!!

I'm love the pattern and the mesh detailing.  At first try on I felt this bra fitted beautifully - then I saw the saggy boobs in the picture above and rethought it.  

Not to worry though - a tightening of the straps later and the bra fit like a glove.  I ordered the 36G and the back is well fitting.  The cups are supportive and give me a nice even shape. 

I normally prefer bras with a little more lift but this did pass all my support tests (including an additional test of dancing around my spare room to a bit of Buble).  Beneath a t-shirt it looks great and my boobs sitting a little lower than my usual pushed-up look isn't a bad thing.  It works well with higher necked tops and actually works well to create a gap in my cleavage when wearing more sweeping necklines. 

Overall, this bra can't be beaten mostly because of the luscious colour.  I plan on wearing it with backless tops and dresses as it really shouldn't be hidden! 

This colour is currently in the sale for £19.20.  It also comes in black for the full price of £24. 

Which bra would you chose?  

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